Zero desire to go out? Rent an inflatable pub

Zero desire to go out? Rent an inflatable pub

If going out to clubs still doesn’t make you feel safe, you can have an entire inflatable pub sent to you to drink and celebrate with your closest friends.

If the idea of ​​going out with friends for a drink tickles you, but you still don’t trust going to clubs, like inflatables for children, but in the shape of an English pubif you want to organize a small party but don’t know how to keep your distance and, above all, if you live in Rome or Milan, know that there is a home solution for you: rent a real Irish-style inflatable pub to put in the garden . The King of the Castle Entertainments is a UK company that rents and sells inflatable, including gummy pub. Although mostly serving Great Britain, it also ships abroad, with two destinations also in Italy.

Aesthetically, the inflatable pubs have nothing to envy to their real counterparts: there are bricks, there is the roof, there is the writing, there are the barrels at the entrance. They are supplied in a complete package with tables, benches and sound system , as well as a wooden counter and a station ready to tap beer. Besides, there is also a small counter in perfect open tiki style beach bar , including palm trees.

According to the information provided by the company, the inflatables have a maximum capacity of 40 people , although in times of coronavirus, of course, the number drops due to social distancing: in this regard, the King of the Castle Entertainments clearly clarifies on the site that they are undergo rigorous cleaning procedures after each use. The rental costs 495 pounds, which is around 550 euros . Remember, however, that you must have enough space to accommodate everything: the structure, in fact, is 7.6 meters long and 6 meters wide and high.

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