Would you eat these 5 exotic animals?

Would you eat these 5 exotic animals?

In Italy we still struggle to accept it, but around the world we eat many strange animals: here are the most bizarre.

Until recently, those who ate frogs or snails were considered at least a particular subject, a bit extravagant, certainly a lover of the exotic . Then came the fashion of ostrich and bison meat in waves, but we are still light years away from the parameters of some parts of the world. In fact, around the planet the strange animals to eat, at least from our point of view , are still numerous and of a very different tenor. We did a survey on the web, these are some of the results obtained, prepare the stomachs.


  1. Puffer fish. The pufferfish itself is not a particularly strange animal to eat, except that it is highly poisonous . The real problem is how it is processed: fugu , as it is called in Japan, can be a deadly dish if not prepared properly. However, it seems to be worth it.
  2. Crocodile. The crocodile has white meat, lean and rich in omega 3. It is therefore a healthy food , but what is not clear is what it tastes like. There are those who say that the taste resembles that of frogs and those who bring it back to that of chicken or even a mix of chicken and crab.
  3. Kangaroo. It seems not exactly tender, but still very flavorful and with a hint of wild kangaroo meat. Suitable to be stewed, braised or in any case cooked for a long time. It should be tried in the form of pie , that is, a savory pie.
  4. Snake. Whether they are water or earth, poisonous or not, short or long, it doesn’t matter, practically all types of snakes are edible and should be tried roasted, braised or in broth. Among other things, the snake eats the flesh, the skin and even the blood. In short, just like pork, nothing is thrown away.
  5. Bedbugs, ants, larvae and various insects . Between bugs, ants, larvae or various insects, what would you be willing to taste? Around the world we have found skewers of scorpions, crickets and fried tarantulas, wasp crackers, bedbugs in sauce, but perhaps one of the most difficult things to eat remains the larva, such as that of the red palm weevil, which is eaten by taking it directly. from the plant, to the spit and as a roll rolled up inside leaves. Let’s console ourselves with the fact that they are rich in protein.

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