World’s 50 Best 2019: our forecasts

The 2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony is upon us: awaiting the results on June 25 in Singapore, here are our forecasts.

Will it be Mauro Colagreco’s year? Or that of Gaggan? Or will Latin America be rewarded, with Virgilio Martinez , after a long wait at the top of the rankings? One thing is certain.the 2019 edition will include 120 restaurants and no more 100It is a year of changes and reshuffles in the  World’s 50 Best Restaurants , whose award ceremony will be held in Singapore , on June 25 in the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. A year of important transition for two reasons: the change in regulation that sees the exit of the number one ever  to enter the Best of the Best , which actually relaunches the competition on the top places; and the enlargement of the complete list to 120(now at 100) to celebrate the 120th anniversary of S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, main sponsor of the event. But let’s see them in detail as we prepare to leave for the warm City of the Lion, which in a few years has become a gastronomic destination to watch in Asia and the capital of mixology of the great continent.

The Hall of Fame shuffles the cards

In the last few months, since the announcement of the 50 Best regulation change , which provides for the exit from the ranking of the most awarded in the history of the list, to form a Hall of Fame , great possibilities have opened up for those who have been waiting for a while. Massimo Bottura in the first and El Celler de Can Roca of the Roca brothers in the second leave the competition and consequently the games reopen on the podium and in the first 10 places. Many are ready to bet on Mauro Colagreco, now third. We talked to the chef about it just last week on our Spreaker podcast.

It would be the culmination of a splendid year for the Italian-Argentine chef who, with his Mirazur restaurant , received the third Michelin star just a few months ago.

The dynamics of the continents

If Colagreco wins, the centrality of Europe in the list would be reaffirmed but Latin America has been waiting for a long time and it is difficult to think that after years of stand by at the top of the ranking, the Academy will not also turn its thoughts to Virgilio Martinez and his Central in Lima, now in sixth place. Its granite philosophy of defense of sustainability and biodiversity with significant projects has never stopped. But in fact, an award for Latin America has already existed with Daniela Soto-Innes of Cosme and Atla in New York who received the Elite Vodka World’s Best Female chef 2019: her contemporary Mexican cuisine was born from the joint work with a another great name, Enrique Olvera and his Pujol in Mexico City.

However, it must be said that in the next 3 years, a rather long time, the move to Asia of the entire 50 Best world could tip the balance towards this continent, and therefore certainly there will be the podium for Gaggan , now fifth, who with its award-winning restaurant in Bangkok, it has been reaping awards for years and less than a year after the announced closure it aims to conclude this cycle with fireworks. The move to the East of the ranking will certainly take place in the lower part with many entrances and we are sure that some restaurants in Singapore will have good rankings, such as the British modern cuisine of Jaan, just renamed Jaan by Kirk Westaway . Julien Royer and his Odette will grow up in the top 50, among the most ambitious in the city (now at number 28).

Italy wants to continue growing

After Massimo Bottura came out of the annual ranking, Italy still has many chances to grow and preside over the prestigious list. The previously announced Miele’s One to Watch 2019 award went to Riccardo Camanini’s Lido 84 , in Gardone Riviera, an important sign that our cuisine is always in the spotlight and an entrance ticket to next year’s 50 Best for the chef of the Lake Garda. The other Italians in the 50 are: at number 16 Piazza Duomo by Enrico Crippa in Alba; 23rd Le Calandre by the Alajmo brothers, in Rubano, near Padua; at number 36 the Realeby Niko Romito in Castel di Sangro. But our Italians abroad are also growing and therefore we all hope to celebrate Luca Fantin’s entry into the 50s with his Italian cuisine restaurant inside the Bulgari Hotel in Tokyo.

Watch out for Spain and Scandinavia

If the Roca brothers have risen to the Olympus of the Hall of Fame, the Spanish champions are not lacking at the top of the ranking. The Basque Country is back as protagonists after the Catalan Era . Andoni Luis Aduriz and his Mugaritz in San Sebastian, in ninth place, and Victor Arguinzoniz with Asador Etxebarri in tenth, are definitely there to stay. But watch out for the Scandinavians, because Renè Redzepi will certainly return – with an important positioning – with his new Noma . Awarded in the past, it does not fall within the Best of the Best, because in fact it closed the previous experience and reopened with a new restaurant but above all a renewed concept of its Scandinavian cuisine. Scandinavia already places theGeranium of Copenhagen in nineteenth place and Maeemo in Oslo at number 35.

The list goes up to 120

The Best 50 are awarded but the complete list counts 100. From this year the number of the best restaurants in the world has risen to 120 . The announcement of the next 51-120 is expected in these days. This expansion is intended to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Italian brand and the organizers intend to give more opportunities to enter new countries and new talents and will start, so to speak, a nice renewal from the bottom of the list. There is talk of the entry of restaurants all over the world, from Belgium to Russia and from Mexico to Macau. In total, 44 different cities in 25 countries will be represented with restaurants on the expanded list. A way to be more inclusive and relaunch the role of talent scout that has always been defended by the 50 Best world.

Furthermore, as part of the celebrations for the birthday of the Italian brand, the Food Meets Future event will be held in Singapore on June 24th . After the success of Food Meets Art last year, in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Massimo Bottura , the current holder of the title The Wold’s Best Restaurant 2018 , returns to the stage with his Osteria Francescana. We will talk about a more inclusive future for gastronomy, the need to encourage positive changes in food and restaurant culture. Among the guests José Andrés , winner of this year’s American Express Icon Award. The innovative pastry chef from Singapore, Janice Wong, will create a large edible art installation for the occasion.

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