World Nutella Day is celebrated with limited edition jars, coins, films and songs

Worldwide, February 5th is World Nutella Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of the best known and most loved spreadable cream.

Born spontaneously in 2007 thanks to the American blogger Sara Rosso World Nutella Day has been celebrated every 5th February since that year . All Nutella lovers gather on social media (also because, more than that, now it can’t be done). At the beginning, all you had to do was share some pictures of jars, rare or not, a recipe made with hazelnut cream or a dedication on your profile. But since 2015, when Rosso showed his work to Ferrero, who created a real world anniversary, World Nutella Day has become much more. 

Nutella, the story of an Italian myth

The first jar of Nutella leaves the Ferrero factory in Alba on a rainy morning in April 1964 . The cream is only good, but it becomes a real cult food before and comfort food today, thanks also to a skilful marketing campaign that has brought the made in Italy product around the world.michele ferrero changed the name of the supercream to nutellaThe name Nutella comes from the English nut , which stands for hazelnut, and the ending ella , used as a term of endearment, to convey an aura of positivity at any latitude. Nutella is the fruit of Michele Ferrero’s intuition , who changed the name of Supercremainvented by his father after World War II. With shots of glasses and jars, which consumers slowly begin to collect, Nutella carves out a place in people’s hearts. Through this brand, some firsts are achieved, such as the multi-ethnic message, launched long before Benetton in the advertising campaigns signed by Oliviero Toscani. In fact, just to demonstrate the entirety of its flavor, Ferrero commissions an advertisement in which children from all over the world hold a slice of bread and Nutella in their hands. 

Nutella between cinema, music and books

As Clara Vada Padovani writes in the book Passione Nutella (Giunti), there are numerous cinematographic, theatrical and musical works dedicated to Nutella. Nanni Moretti in Bianca celebrates it , in the famous consolation scene with the super jar. From Katia von Garnier in Women Without Make-up (Abgeschminkt!) To Jerry Calà in Abbronzatissimi , cinema shows a lot of love for Nutella. It Graduates of Leonardo Pierccioni he says: ” What we want to do, stay a lifetime to regret Nutella? ” Riccardo Cassinihe dedicated the Nutella Nutellae booklet to hazelnut cream , while Giorgio Gaber in the song Destra-Sinistra says ” if Swiss chocolate is on the right, Nutella is still on the left” .

A coin for Nutella

The State Mint also paid tribute to Nutella by issuing a special 5 euro coin , included in the Italian Excellence series . It can be purchased at a cost of 45 euros on the online portal of the Mint and in the Poligrafico points of sale. The official issue is scheduled for World Nutella Day, on February 5th. Annalisa Masini created the images imprinted on the new coin. The artist has represented a jar whose cap will be of three possible colors: white, green or red, with a circulation for each version of about 10 thousand pieces. The reverse of the coin will show the historic Alba factory where Ferrero was founded in the 1940s. Already in 2014, to celebrate its first 50 years, a celebratory stamp was dedicated .

How to celebrate World Nutella Day

To celebrate World Nutella Day, it is not necessary to meet in a physical place: social networks are the place to meet all Nutella fans in the world. To celebrate at any latitude you can make a recipe based on Nutella , pose with a jar or next to an artistic creation made with the famous hazelnut cream. Even trying a bold and unprecedented pairing between Nutella and any other ingredient can make us stars (at least for the duration of the visibility of the post). Telling one’s first time with Nutella can become a great way to celebrate.

Give it as a gift or introduce it to someone for the first time, organize a themed video party, write a song or poem dedicated to hazelnut cream or simply treat yourself to a good breakfast with Nutella: these are just some ideas, but they can already be enough to fill with joy a whole day dedicated to the most famous spread in the world. Nutella Biscuits are also worth using .

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