Withdrawal of Acqua di Nepi due to possible contamination

Withdrawal of Acqua di Nepi due to possible contamination

A batch of Acqua di Nepi was recalled by the Ministry of Health for possible contamination by bacteria.

The Ministry of Health has issued a recall notice for some glass bottles of Acqua di Nepi , destined for the catering channel. The products concerned belong to lot N9183A , expiring on 1 July 2021. According to the information released by the recall, activated as a precaution, the risk is that of possible contamination by coliforms , bacteria that indicate faecal contamination of the products but which more generally indicate the direct water contamination, through sewage drains, or washing away of contaminated land perhaps destined for agricultural farms. More specifically, with a note the company explained that “the decision was taken following investigations by the ASL of Viterbo and the ASL n. 1 of Rome, regarding the presence of coliforms found in a single 1 liter glass bottle “.

Acqua di Nepi therefore declares that it is ” excluded that the presence of coliforms may depend or be linked, even indirectly, to its bottling process, as the sources, production lines and warehouse at the plant are subjected to daily analyzes. by the company and periodic checks by the health bodies “. According to the company, therefore, the presence of bacteria would be linked to factors external to the company’s production cycle . In the meantime, however, the recall procedure has been started and the advice of the Ministry of Health is clearly that of not consuming the bottles of the indicated batch.

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