Wine, beer and food? The pairing shows you the App

Wine, beer and food? The pairing shows you the App

Combivino is the App that recommends the right combinations between wine, beer and food, specially designed by experts in the sector.

Imagine being at home or in a restaurant and wanting to combine wines or beers with the dishes you are about to taste. Unless you are a skilled sommelier and equally expert in beer, the best solution is to rely on Combivino .an app to expertly combine food and wine and beer and foodIt is a free and made in Italy app , created by Portale Chef , thanks to which it is possible to combine 1,500 foods with 500 types of wine and , for a few weeks, even with 76 beer styles . No algorithm. The combinations were handled by experts in the flesh, such as the sommelier Federica Zevi , who took care of the wine pairings, while Salvatore Cosenza , beer taster and food writer (long time signature of Agrodolce ), which involved colleagues from the Beer Taster Union, an association that has been involved for years in courses and events throughout Italy.

“ The first step was the selection of the brewing styles, which were classified by dominant tastes. – says Salvatore Cosenza – Then we combined each course, evaluating its affinity and contrast, taking into account the prevailing aromatic and gustatory notes, as well as the tactile characteristics. However, the most surprising combinations are not lacking, aimed at creating third sensations, the result of the union between food and beer. We are still not used to dine with beers, especially in restaurants, but from an organoleptic point of view they present a great versatility. For us beer tasters, there are no taboo foods; the various beer styles are able to cover the full range of flavors, while that of aromas is extremely wide and varied. 

Alessio Papasergio , creator of Portal Chef and Combivino, explains the objectives of the project : “ Our App aims to guide the user towards a perfect tasting, leaving him free to experiment and choose what to drink according to his tastes or preferences. To do this, after the sommelier Federica Zevi, we decided to also involve Salvatore in the project because in addition to being one of the leading experts in craft beers in circulation, he has skills and passion for good food. “The implementation of beer combinations has made Combivino even more attractive in the eyes of enthusiasts, as confirmed by the number of downloads which has exceeded ten thousand.

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