Why you shouldn’t keep coffee in the fridge (and how to store it well)

Why you shouldn’t keep coffee in the fridge (and how to store it well)

Coffee should not be kept in the refrigerator, as it could get damaged: to keep it at its best, the best method is freezing. Here’s how to do it.

The advice to keep ground coffee in the refrigerator has the same value as the suggestion to sleep with an onion in your socks: not only is it not good for you, but it even has obvious negative effects , first of all the absorption of odors around the fridge. .to store it correctly, the coffee beans must be frozenHowever, there is a method to properly store coffee (in beans) and that is to freeze it. Freezing, in fact, can extend the life of roasted coffee and still beans for weeks, or even months. The low temperatures combined with the dry environment make our home freezer the ideal place to stop the aging of the grain and the decay of flavors . So you will never have to drink (or worse throw away) coffee when it takes on that stale flavor typical of a delicate product left on the shelf for months. Just get organized and use some extra care, especially when it comes to fine coffees, for which it is always good to have an eye on them.


  1. Calculate the doses . Prepare separate bags with the right dose depending on the extraction. For example, if you are a pour over lover you could freeze 15 to 20 g of coffee beans, so when you want to prepare a filter, just defrost the single portion and add 250 g of water.
  2. Seal . Even if this involves the use of a lot of plastic, which you can still reuse for the same purpose, vacuum packing is the only way to truly preserve the integrity of the bean. The classic freezer bags are useless, if you think that this method will serve you and you will use it for a long time, look for a machine to make the vacuum, even second-hand.
  3. Label . Even if you think you will keep it in mind, it won’t happen: you will soon forget what kind of coffee you put in the freezer, who roasted it, and even when it was frozen. This is all information that will come in handy. So write them down and while you’re at it, enter the roasting date as well .
  4. Do not defrost . It seems (but in the great debate generated by the coffee community the opposite is also stated) that it is better not to defrost the beans before grinding them. Then, take the single-serving, vacuum-packed bag from the freezer and grind it directly.

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