Why it’s important to sift dry ingredients

Why it’s important to sift dry ingredients

Many recipes involve sifting through dry ingredients – this simple operation can save your preparations.

In many recipes, especially those of desserts, but not only, you will have read that it is important to sift the flour and dry ingredients in general, such as cocoa powder, other types of flour or baking powder . Apparently this would seem an operation that is not so fundamental for the success of a dough first and of a dish then, but in reality it is rather fundamental in order to obtain a certain result. Let’s see below, and in more detail, why it is important to sift your flour and your dry ingredients .


  1. It allows to eliminate any impurities from the flours. Thanks to its extremely fine meshes, the sieve will be able to divide the tiny grains of flour from any larger impurities, while also making the flour more homogeneous in size. This operation is especially important with regard to artisan ground flours , it will in fact be difficult to find impurities, such as small pieces of straw or larger grains, in industrial flours.
  2. Helps eliminate lumps. The fine mesh of the sieve and the rotating motion help the lumps, which could create problems with the dough or mixture, to come apart.
  3. It allows the pressed flours in their respective containers to incorporate air Incorporating air is very important, as it allows the flour to gain volume, favoring the future compound and helping it to become fluffy to its fullest potential. As an alternative to a sieve , in case you don’t have it at home or it broke suddenly, you can help your flour incorporate air with the help of an electric mixer .
  4. It allows you to better mix floury and dry ingredients of different nature For example, if you make a cocoa sponge cake , to have a homogeneous dough it will be very useful to sift flour, cocoa and yeast together, to avoid having whiter or too dark spaces , or even worse: accumulated lumps of yeast. Here too, if you are missing the sieve, you can solve it with the help of an electric mixer.

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