Why don’t Italians drink take away coffee?

Why don’t Italians drink take away coffee?

A BBC report investigated why Italians prefer to drink espresso at bars and don’t like American-style take-away coffee.

Many hailed Starbucks’ future arrival in Italy as a Copernican revolution. Others were at least perplexed. Among the “ Finally! “And” Oh, no! “, The announcements of the giant of the world coffee shop have created a division among the Italians.Italians would never give up espresso at the barHowever, even in front of the mega cup to carry around and to the office, they would never give up on espresso at the bar. In a report filmed by the BBC , James Reynolds investigated the mystery: why do Italians say no to coffee to go? Armed with a little Italian and nonchalance, the journalist began his investigation by calculating how long it takes to have a coffee at a bar in Italy. Result? 40 seconds flat and without second degree burns to the tongue. Therefore, the first factor in favor of Italian way coffee is the speed of consumption.

espresso machine

To this is added the temperature . Starbucks coffee, designed to accompany the customer from the counter to the desk in the office, on a journey that can last up to 30 or 40 minutes, is served at a hellish temperature. The aim is to ensure that the drink stays hot for as long as possible. In Italian. The perfect espresso should be served at a temperature of around 88 ° C, in a strictly hot cup. In this way you can consume the regenerating shot in just 40 seconds. Having a coffee is also a way to take a break , lean on the counter and chat with someone. The sociabilityit’s something that take away coffee would steal a little from us. What would happen to all rituals like suspended coffee or lees struggles over who has to pay if you queued up, took your cup and walked away?

American coffee

Yet some like the idea of ​​wandering around the city with a giant cup of macchiato o matcha latte , if only to feel a little New Yorker without going overseas. One of the reasons is precisely the variety of drinks that can be prepared with coffee in addition to the classic espresso. Furthermore, for those who need higher doses of caffeine, it is fair to say that the American has a higher content than that of a normal cup. The lash will not be immediate, but in the long run it will certainly be more effective. And you, do you prefer to drink coffee at the bar or take it away?

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