Why does Burger King advertise a moldy sandwich?

Why does Burger King advertise a moldy sandwich?

Burger King’s new ad campaign shows one of their burgers getting moldy, to demonstrate the company’s commitment not to use preservatives.

“ The beauty of real food is that it gets ugly ”. With this very successful claim, Burger King has launched its latest campaign to achieve a significant milestone: the removal of preservatives, dyes and artificial flavors from its sandwiches. In a time-lapse video lasting just under a minute, released on social networks and entitled The Moldy Whopper , the fast food chain shows, on a black background and with the song ” What a difference a day makes ” by Dinah Washington, first the composition of a classic sandwich, then its decomposition and the mold that appeared in the 34 days following the moment of production.

With this marketing operation, later flanked by billboards, Burger King has thus clarified that the preservative-free sandwiches will be available in many European countries and overseas by the end of 2020 . In the United States they are already present in about 400 stores.

Although the list of excluded preservatives is still unknown, among the company’s intentions it seems to be increasingly strong that of inserting itself into the healthy and organic trend, a step that has already begun with the entry of Impossible Whopper into the menu . And the most attentive customers will not have escaped how, with this campaign, Burger King has put further distance between itself and its direct competitor, placing itself on a diametrically opposite level. Those with a long memory, in fact, will certainly remember a particular experiment in which a very normal sandwich left to itself had remained unchanged for years.

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