White areas: what they are and how they work

White areas: what they are and how they work

Three regions are already in the white zone and probably another 13 will follow them in the coming weeks: here are the rules to be respected.

Zona bianca , the most desired goal in all of Italy. To date, three regions have finally reached it: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia . Most likely, all the others will join soon ( by June 14 there should be 13 in all ). The scent of normality becomes more and more intense. The obligations relating to the use of the mask, the spacing, the aeration and sanitation of the environments remain, but otherwise the laces loosen significantly. Let’s see what the new rules are .

  1. The curfew . Here is a question that everyone understandably considers fundamental. Well, in the white zone the curfew is abolished. Please note, however, that in the others, June 7 will be postponed to midnight and then, from June 21, eliminated everywhere .
  2. The catering activities . In the white area it is allowed to consume food and drinks even in the internal areas of restaurants, bars, pubs and all other catering activities, without stakes in terms of timetables. The limit of 4 people per table also falls . Furthermore, there are no longer any restrictions on take-away and home deliveries; of course, the regulations on packaging and delivery must be respected.
  3. The menus . The managers of the premises are called to favor the consultation of online or plasticized menus, which can therefore be easily and quickly disinfected after use. The alternative is disposable paper menus.
  4. How many people can enter . If there is no seating, it is necessary to restrict the entry of customers; the number depends on the size of the room, it is essential that the spacing of one meter is respected.
  5. Can you go to the disco? Yes, in the white zone you can go to the disco but without dancing. That is, it is possible to listen to music, have a drink, eat. A rule that may seem bizarre, but that’s the way it is for the moment.
  6. Can parties and events be organized?Celebrations for weddings, communions, confirmations, birthdays and any other type of event are allowed, but guests must be in possession of the so-called green certificate (green pass). That is, it is necessary that they have been vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer, Moderna or Astrazeneca or with a dose of J&J, or that they are cured of Covid, or have carried out an antigen or molecular test with negative results in the previous 48 hours. Or, again, that they have been vaccinated for 15 days with the first dose of Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca. Go-ahead for buffets, as long as they are administered exclusively by the appointed staff; the guests cannot serve themselves, unless there are single portions on the tables. In the yellow zone, parties will be allowed from June 15th.

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