Where do chefs go on vacation? We asked 8 of them

Where do chefs go on vacation? We asked 8 of them

Even great chefs go on vacation: we asked 8 different chefs where they spend their free time and which trips they prefer.

Apart from the workaholic Cracco who got married and didn’t even have a honeymoon for reasons of time related to the opening of his new restaurant in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, the cooks – even the grown-ups – take study holidays . Everyone likes to travel the world and in the meantime do continuous training , or try the cuisine of colleagues so as to return home (and to their restaurant) with new ideas, flavors & knowledge. This is also what emerged from our investigation, which also reached three-starred and Australian chefs . Where do chefs go on vacation?


  1. foto-chef-walterferrettoLet’s start with Walter Ferretto , a starred Piedmontese, indeed from Asti. This year with their brother Roberto they celebrate the anniversary of IlCascinalenuovo , which blows out 50 candles. The chef explains that he often combines holidays and work: “In the Maldives, in addition to enjoying the sea and sun, I prepared two dinners for Randheli’s Cheval Blanc, one of which was based on white truffles (conveniently sent to me from Alba). When I can, I only and exclusively take holidays: from countries like South Africa – beautiful – to European capitals like Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Prague. In this case, I visit a lot of museums, so I would say it is about cultural holidays. In any case, in all the places I visit, I really like to find typical bars and rustic places. On vacation I’m not looking for stars, on the contrary: I want a free head to get to know new tastes and different products. But 8 times out of 10 my wife and I are invited to some dinner, like in Los Angeles by my friend Piero Selvaggio (Valentino restaurant, Santa Monica) and by Wolfgang Puck of the legendary Spago in Beverly Hills: what do I have to do!
  2. cassanelliValentino Cassanelli of the Lux Lucis restaurant in Forte dei Marmi says: ” I love to travel, as can be guessed from my kitchen. I therefore try to use my free time to enjoy family and friends and discover new cultures, places and of course ingredients and techniques of colleagues. I like to go far to evolve my cultural background, visiting small producers and areas of Italy unknown to me, trying to live experiences that can excite me and leave me something to take with me and share in my kitchen. I love to immerse myself in different cultures , the exchange of traditions and knowledge. Experience the table of others, in a nutshell. It is difficult for the cook to pull the plug, since being a chef is not a job but a lifestyle “.
  3. Andrea RibaldoneAndrea Ribaldone of ‘ Osteria Arborina of La Morra tells us: ” When can I go, what I love, I organize myself to go to find more and a colleague. I find it essential to deal with the cuisine of other chefs, especially if they are abroad .”
  4. alfredo russoAlfredo Russo of the Dolce Stil Novo restaurant mostly to have a good time. If you feel comfortable in one place, we are delighted. But when the stop is less fortunate, that’s okay.
  5. norbertEven the three – starred go on vacation and take advantage of their free time to update themselves personally, as does Norbert Niederkofler – of the St Hubertus restaurant (San Cassiano – Bolzano): “I often combine business trips with pure personal leisure. I take this opportunity, if I am traveling around the world, to visit new places and discover different cuisines. The last ones I tried were Frantzén in Stockholm, one of the best ever in my opinion, and the Fäviken restaurant. In general, however, I love to spend my free time with my family and, if I don’t have work commitments, I really like spending my holidays in Italy: Amalfi Coast, Aeolian Islands, Sardinia, Puglia, places that always prove to be a great discovery in terms of traditions, human warmth and a nature that is nothing short of wonderful “.
  6. Jock Zonfrillo 3Jock Zonfrillo of the Orana restaurant (Adelaide – Australia) says: “I generally take a little break in January and again in July. For me the month of January is ideal for skiing in Italy with a short trip to Scotland to visit my parents. On the way home (to Australia) it’s always nice to get a week of sunshine in Asia if possible. In July Italy is again first on the list of holiday destinations: in your country in the summer they can be anywhere, but when possible we arrive in Scauri and Santi Cosma e Damiano, where my paternal family comes from. All the holidays we take are generally food-oriented and I like to immerse myself in local culture, art and local crafts (I often find furniture, décor items for restaurants while I’m out and about!) “
  7. Moreno CedroniMoreno Cedroni of the Madonnina del Pescatore restaurant in Senigallia on vacation also dedicates himself to restyling the restaurants: ” In the three months of closing the restaurant, let’s say that I dedicate a couple of weeks to cooking abroad and a couple of weeks to the restructuring of the restaurant before of the reopening. In the remaining period I have a great desire for home, to cook for friends, and many gastronomic trips “.
  8. Gennaro EspositoFor Gennaro Esposito of La Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense (Na), vacation means planning: basically the chef does not switch off during the vacation period but dedicates himself to taking care of all those projects related to the new working year.

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