When the color of the cocktail reveals the mood

When the color of the cocktail reveals the mood

The world of mixology is always looking for new trends: this time the right cocktail is chosen based on the color of one’s mood.

When sad, the British use the word blue. When you are happy, the color most associated with this mood is yellow, a symbol of sunshine. Chromotherapy experts know this well and now even bartenders are aware of it. In fact, during the Sanbittèr Aperitivo Cool Hunting an ideal drink list was developed that links the color of the cocktail to the mood of those who order it .


For example, for an energetic person, imbued with the desire to do things, who can’t stand still, the reference color is red , a symbol of passion. The cocktail that synthesizes the nuances of this chromatic energy is the Caipibitter . To prepare it you need 8 cl of Sanbittèr Rosso, two Chinese mandarins, 2 cl of apple syrup, saffron pistils and ice.


Remaining among people who ooze energy from all pores, another familiar color is yellow . It is the color of the sun, of summer, it brings joy to those who need a boost of vitality . If you are among the energetic, treat yourself to the famous Mimosa . To prepare it you will need 7.5 cl of brut sparkling wine, 7.5 cl of orange juice and a slice of the same citrus fruit for decoration.


According to chromotherapy, green is the color that is associated with balanced people , who live in the present and who savor every moment without haste, concentrated and reflecting well on every decision. The Midori Sour is dedicated to them . To prepare it, you need 4.5 cl of Midori, 6 cl of sweet & sour, 3 cl of lemon juice, 3 cl of vodka and soda or gazzosa to complete the glass.


Among the colors associated with vitality and happiness there is orange , which is also the color of the sunset , the ideal moment to enjoy an aperitif based on Spritz Aperol or Tropical Bitter . For this last drink you will need 10 grams of fresh ginger, 2 cl of lime juice, 2 cl of lychee syrup and 10 cl of Sanbittèr Emozioni di Frutta with Passion Fruit.


The blue is not just the color used by the British to indicate sadness. Chromotherapy experts also use it to condition a state of calm and tranquility . We can also do this through a drink. The perfect cocktail is the Blue Hawaiian , to be prepared with 8 cl of white rum, 4 cl of blue Curaçao, 15 cl of pineapple juice and 8 cl of coconut milk. If you are nostalgic for the eighties , order a Blue Lagoon or a very dangerous Blue Angel.

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