Whatabeer, the app to duel the best beers

Whatabeer, the app to duel the best beers

Whatabeer, the new app launched on the occasion of the Eataly Rome Beer Festival, allows you to select the best beers in real time during the festivals.

On the occasion of beer festivals, the variety on offer can put anyone in crisis, even the most experienced drinkers. And so, during these events, it happens to meet with other customers to exchange advice and opinions on the various tastings.a duel between beers on the occasion of beer festivalsThis spirit of sharing can now be technologically supported by a new app , created by Andrea Turco , founder of the well-known sector blog Cronache di Birra. It’s called Whatabeer and aims to promote beer culture in a playful way. In fact, users are asked to express their preference in duels between beers .

The challenges are part of thematic contests, which obviously can also concern the tap list of a festival. With a screen on which the results were projected in real time, Whatabeer traced the tastes of users in the latest Eataly Rome Craft Beer Festival . Here is the top ten of the most popular beers .


  1. Spaceman Grapefruit – Brewfist . Spaceman is one of Brewfist’s flagship products. This version differs in the addition of pink grapefruit peels during ripening. The hints are clearly shifted towards citrus notes.
  2. Czech Norris – Brewfist . Word game that recalls the style of beer and one of the most famous action movie actors. It is a Czech-inspired Pilsner, but in an Imperial version, which is more alcoholic.
  3. Brusca – Birrone . In third place we find another pilsner, but brewed by the Venetians of Birrone. Herbaceous notes and a persistent bitterness are the characteristics of this beer which already reveals its character from the name.
  4. Fear – Brewfist . Contrary to popular belief, dark beers still have many admirers. Brewfist’s Fear is designed for those who love toasted aromas but not excessive bitterness. In addition to the malts, the recipe includes cocoa beans, lactose and modest quantities of hops, for a soft and velvety Milk Chocolate Stout.
  5. La Bassa – Brewfist . Brewfist again, still a bottom fermentation. Visually it is golden and clear, with hints of honey, cereals and hops on the nose. Full body and bitter finish.
  6. Summer of 69 – Birrone . That of 1969 was the summer of the first man on the moon. Birrone, 50 years later, decided to pay homage to that company with a fresh and drinkable American Lager.
  7. Stardust – Maltovivo . To break the Birrone-Brewfist duopoly we think the Benevento people of Maltovivo with this citrus and floral American Pale Ale. Light body with balanced malt and hops.
  8. Aria – Beer of the Hermitage . An IPA session by Birra dell’Eremo which, as expected from the style, is easy to approach and thirst-quenching: light body and hopping that gives tropical notes.
  9. Gonzo – Lucky brews . Another Session Ipa appreciated by Whatabeer users. Lucky Brews Gonzo dei Veneti presents citrus notes due to hops. Also in this case it is very easy to drink.
  10. Syrentum – Sorrento Brewery . In tenth place a beer that expresses a strong bond with the territory. In fact, the recipe includes the use of Sorrento lemons which give evident citrus hints and which add to the hoppy notes. Extremely enjoyable beer despite such a strong connotation.

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