What do chefs buy at the supermarket?

What do chefs buy at the supermarket?

Insider asked several American and Asian chefs which foods they prefer to buy at the supermarket: curious to know what they are?

Even the chefs are human. And, like us, when they are at home they tend to prepare rather simple things. Consequently, it is not difficult to find some ready-made ingredients in their cart, which can be used in different dishes or for a quick snack. Which? Insider asked some cooks in the United States. There are favorite and underrated products, all to be bought in a supermarket .


  1. Spicy sauce . Korean chef Sohui Kim, former co-owner of The Good Fork in Brooklyn, New York, reported a traditional product such as gochujang , a fermented chili sauce used as a condiment for many dishes, ideal as a thickener, but also known for its umami .
  2. Roast chicken . On the other hand, there are those who believe that buying a rotisserie chicken is a great deal, such as Yehuda Sichel, former chef of the Be Fisher in Philadelphia. Always ready, hot and cheap.
  3. Chicken broth jelly . Another product, found in the cart of Chris Feldmeier, executive chef at Love & Salt in Manhattan Beach, California, is chicken broth jelly cubes.
  4. Ready-made fried onions . Then there are the crunchy onions, boring to make from scratch and easier to buy ready-made according to Daniel Di Stefano, executive chef of Made Nice in New York.
  5. Anchovies . Anchovies should never be missing and be on top of everything, says Garrison Price, executive chef at Cafe Clover in New York’s West Village. 
  6. Greek yogurt . In the fridge of Joe Gentempo, executive chef of Parkwoods in Atlanta, Georgia, there is always Greek yogurt, the basis for a whole series of preparations, as well as excellent for breakfast. 
  7. Peanut Butter . Samantha Davis, former chef du cuisine at the Henry at Life Hotel in New York, one of the staples to buy is peanut butter (which she often eats directly with a spoon).

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