Was it needed? Broccoli Coffee

Was it needed? Broccoli Coffee

In Australia broccoli coffee was invented, a drink not exactly inviting but with multiple beneficial properties.

This is no joke: they invented broccoli coffee . Don’t imagine a boiled broccoli, perhaps blended and mixed with coffee; the matter is much more refined. Yes, because the creators of this new drink are none other than the scientists of Csirothe powdered extract with all the properties of broccoli(Commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization), which is the main Australian public research body. Well, after several experiments, they have developed a powder extract that not only dissolves in coffee but can also be used in soups, smoothies, cake and focaccia dough, basically in the way deemed most appropriate. Two tablespoons of the powder are equivalent to a serving of broccoli and contain the same beneficial elements as the vegetables in question, primarily fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin E and manganese.

How broccoli coffee was born

broccoli powder

The idea was born starting from a premise: few eat the right daily quantities of vegetables and greens. And many turn up their noses at broccoli, especially children. Thus began the studies that resulted in the creation of the powder extract that synthesizes –despite its properties, the welcome was lukewarmin the truest sense of the word – the many virtues of broccoli . From here to the partnership with coffee, the step was rather short. And you may be surprised, but broccoli coffee  is already served in several Melbourne cafes. For the moment the sale concerns only Australia, but the researcher of the Csiro in charge of the project, Mary Ann Augustin, has made it known that a way is being sought to broaden the horizons. Ergo, to spread this found so healthy also in the rest of the world. There is a factor that, however, is cutting the wings a little at the moment: the welcome was not as hoped for.. The number of people who have decided to try broccoli coffee falls short of expectations and it seems that the opinions are not exactly enthusiastic. Which, let’s face it, is more than understandable.

A healthy drink


In short, perhaps broccoli coffee is not the best in taste, but there is one thing that cannot be discussed: it is good, very good . And this is why the creators are certain that it will be able to establish itself on the market. It should be added that the extract we are talking about can make a significant contribution to the fight against food waste (also because slightly sour broccoli is generally used, which in all likelihood would remain unsold) and therefore to environmental protection. Another non-negligible issue: this drink has all the titles necessary to enter the superfood list. And superfoods, we know, are a craze of our time: considered irresistible, if not downright saving and indispensable, even when their flavor leaves something to be desired. If a vip decides to drink broccoli coffee and maybe post a photo on Instagram, that’s it.

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