Vulcanica is born, the artisanal vodka made in Sicily

Vulcanica is born, the artisanal vodka made in Sicily

by Alessandra Iannello 

We are not used to associating Sicily with vodka, but Vulcanica, handcrafted distilled on the slopes of Etna, can make us change our mind.

Etna gives life not only to wines of excellent quality, but also to a distillate far from the Sicilian tradition, vodka . In fact , Vulcanica was born on the slopes of Mongibello (another name of Etna composed of the Latin mons and the Arabic giabal – monte) , the premium artisan vodka that already contains the values ​​and traditions of Sicily from its name .

To produce Vulcanica, only the ancient grains of Simenza are used , the association that takes care of their protection by ensuring traditional crops and local biodiversity. The idea comes from Stefano Saccardi ,the whole volcanic production cycle speaks Sicilianveteran of the spirits industry, and Sonia Spadaro , sommelier and successful wine producer, proudly Sicilian and spokesperson for Simenza. “ Vulcanica – explains Saccardi – is a truly special product. We are the only ones who use Sicilian ancient grains to produce our Sicilian premium vodka. The purpose of the product is to innovate while enhancing an ancient culture and identity, which give rise to extraordinary products. We also like the idea of ​​making a small contribution to the development of sustainable agriculture in a land that deserves to be valued “. The entire production cycle of Vulcanica speaks Sicilian. The distiller is a small local craftsman whileaging and storage are done in the former Florio factory in Marsala .

In April 2021 the premium quality of Vulcanica was certified in the authoritative World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, where it was awarded the prestigious Double Gold medal, reserved for the best products from all over the world. “ Vulcanica – continues Saccardi – is already exported to the United States, is now available in Italy and will soon arrive in other markets such as the United Kingdom and Hong Kong “.

Presented in Milan at Mag La Pusterla , Vulcanica was the protagonist of a cocktail pairing between the mixes created by the bartender and spirits specialist Cristian Lodi and Mattia Corunto with finger food created by chef Vincenzo Mignuolo, also with a Sicily theme. A few examples? The Black Sour with Sicilian lemon juice; the Sicilian Martini with dry Marsala and caper garnish; From dusk till down , with Sicilian lemon juice, orange marmalade and garnished with pistachio powder.

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