Vodka is now made from tulips

Vodka is now made from tulips

In Holland, vodka is produced with one of the best known symbols, the tulip. This is how Joris Putman makes his tulip vodka.

Take a Dutch filmmaker who quit his career four years ago for a long-standing entrepreneurial dream: to invent a product. Take her 30 years, 4 million tulip bulbs and get a vodka that crowds the shelves of many starred restaurants today.joris putman used holland’s most famous symbol, the tulip, to create a high end vodkaAs told by Vice’s Munchies, the Dutchman in question is called Joris Putman . In 2014 he sat down at a table and, together with some friends, he thought about what to create with the most famous product of his country and a real family heirloom , those flowers that his ancestors cultivated, whose tradition had continued for hundreds of years. “ My friends originally suggested moonshine from wheat, but I didn’t find it attractive at all. I immediately imagined tulips, liqueurs and vodka, and then it was only a matter of minutes before I realized it and worked on the plans for the tests.“. In 5 minutes, Putman charted the process, with only 2 ingredients, tulips and water. After countless trial and error, she got a 40 degree volume product. “The tulip has a strong texture – he explains – which makes the distillation process difficult, but the first moment it worked was just fantastic. It didn’t taste good at first, but it had an interesting and complex range of tastes. Once it worked, we started long-term distillation tests to get the right flavors and the wrong flavors . ”


From there it took 2 years to perfect the distillation and fermentation processes, two years in which he kept his invention a secret, until he perfected the recipe and then introduced Dutch Tulip Vodka to the December 2017. The process involves 3 distillations, but it is a little different from what is normally done: its system of distillation columns, in fact, is extremely more precise and, at the end of the processing, Putman gets the purest form of vodka, to which you can then add original aromas that recall all the nuances of tulips. In this process, the problem lies precisely in the bulbs: one contaminated one is enough and the whole batch could become undrinkable. And since one batch takes up to 3 months to process, Putman has chosen to take his tulips exclusively from organic farming . Then, it washes them with rainwater and stores them in large cooling rooms, until the distillation begins.


During production, his team passes over 2 tons of tulips per day .during production, the staff processes 2 tons of tulips every dayAnd it produces no waste: “ We buy organic tulip bulbs from a local farmer – he says – so once we finish our distillation process, we take the remaining purified tulip bulbs to a nearby dairy for livestock. Cows really love tulip bulbs – they are a special gift! “Family was family and family still remains, Tulip Vodka, along with his company Clusius Craft Distillers, is actually a family business: Joris Putman has a business partner, Bart Bouter, 36, who is his cousin. On the day of bottling, the Clusius distillery turns into a large family reunion. ” When the time comes to bottle – says Putman –we have a kind of assembly line. My father is in charge of washing and sealing the bottles, my uncle hammers on the lids, and my aunt and mother label every single bottle by hand. My father even painted the bottle artwork ”.


Although the first products were not as bright as those on the market, the chefs to whom he had administered this distillate were impressed. Today, with 40 thousand bottles produced (by hand) during the year, Tulip Vodka is a very high-end vodka , definitely not intended for tourists: it is found in restaurants in Poland and Spain and also in the top 3 Dutch starred restaurants. The price is also stellar, since the pure blend is sold at 295 euros per bottle . There are about 350 tulip bulbs in each bottle . If you want to taste it, you can turn to the cheaper premium, which includes tulips, water and alcohol from organic wheat: it retails for 48 euros, with 40 tulip bulbs inside.

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