VinNatur: Natural wine tasting at Villa La Favorita from 14/4 to 16/4

VinNatur: Natural wine tasting at Villa La Favorita from 14/4 to 16/4

From Saturday 14 April to Monday 16 there will be VinNatur, a natural wine tasting event at Villa Da Porto called La Favorita. Here are all the info.

Glasses ready for the 15 of Villa Favorita: the appointment for lovers of natural wines is Saturday 14 April, until Monday 16 , at Villa Da Porto – La Favorita – in Monticello di Fara di Sarego, Vicenza . There will be 160 member companies of VinNatur , an association of natural winemakers, coming not only from Italy but also from France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, with their products, as well as the opportunity to taste various gastronomic specialties from different parts. of Italy.


New this year, the creation of six thematic itineraries that can be followed independently in the 3 days at villa Favorita: new producers with the wines of the last 20 companies that have entered the association, refermented in the bottle, orange wines, no sulphurous, hand-made wines , volcanic.There will be six thematic routes to be followed independentlyDuring the 3 days there will also be some moments of in-depth study: Saturday at 11 an appointment with The future of VinNatur , with Angiolino Maule, of the La Biancara farm, president of VinNatur and Stefano Zaninotti, Vitenova Vine Wellness. At 3 pm the tasting “ Natural Wines can age , even without SO2 , with Giampaolo Giacobbo, journalist and Winnatur adviser . Sunday, 11 am, tasting Qu’est-ce que la mineralitè , with the writer Jean Marc Gatteron and Samuel Cogliati, founder of the independent publishing house Possibilia Editore, while at 3 pm the conference Natural Wines in the Cellar , with Angiolino Maule and the oenologist Franco Giacosa.


The event is open from 10 to 18 , at a price of 25 euros per day (the ticket can only be purchased at the entrance to the event), including the event guide and tasting glass. For information, visit the site

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