Vibrisse Shake, the first canned drink for cats

Vibrisse Shake, the first canned drink for cats

The first canned drink for cats is called Vibrisse Shake and is actually a broth to help low-drinking cats.

There had already been a precedent last year: beer for dogs, Busch Dog Brew. Now it’s the turn of the first canned drink for cats , Vibrisse Shake . The idea comes from a company in Varese, Croci Spa founded in 1990 whose core business is aquariology and dog lovers. The company has over 8,000 references in its catalog ranging from accessories to dog clothing collections to pet food and now soft drinks for animals .

Vibrisse Shake is a broth to be used in the daily diet of your cats . It is offered on the market in various flavors : chicken , tuna and duck for seniors, kitten and adult cats. Vibrisse Shake is a complementary food with a high liquid content . The meat and fish are finely chopped in order to make the product ideal even for puppies and elderly cats. Croci Spa’s initiative is not dictated only by the desire to chase the fashion of the moment or by the desire to exploit the enormous growth prospects of the pet market: the new drink satisfies the nutritional needs of cats who tend to drink. little and for this they develop stones and kidney failure.

Vibrisse Shake is highly thirst-quenching and tasty. Just pour the contents of the can into a bowl and the cat, when it goes to eat or drink, will have the opportunity to quench its thirst with the special drink. The strength of the product is the packaging which makes it practical and at the same time familiar. The cost on the market for a single 135 gram pack is one euro. What do you say, will your cat appreciate it?

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