Vermouth Inferno, a distillate to celebrate Dante

Vermouth Inferno, a distillate to celebrate Dante

The Kaliro Spirits company has launched a vermouth inspired by the infernal circles of Dante’s Divine Comedy: to be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

An infernal vermouth to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the great poet Dante Alighieri : this is the novelty launched by the Kaliro Spirits company , founded by the entrepreneur Alex Ouziel. 9di Dante , vermouthIt is inspired by the 9 circles of Hell of the Divine Comedydi Torino Superiore, is inspired by the nine circles of Hell of the Divine Comedy. Made in Alba at the Montanaro Distillery, where Grappa di Barolo was created in 1885, the first single-variety grappa in history, 9diDante has an artisanal production in batches of 6,666 bottles . Just a devil’s vermouth. For Ouziel, a well-known name in the world of spirits and with a great experience in vermouth, the product is a happy mix between the tradition of the art of Piedmontese artisan blending and the constant search for a more contemporary taste. The aim is also to relaunch vermouth in the wake of gin’s success.

” I did not expect to launch 9diDante Inferno through the hell of a global pandemic, but it is also true that 9diDante was born under the star of several extraordinary coincidences, such as my friendship with Mario Baralis, historical winemaker from Carpano, which became mine mentor in this adventure, ” said Alex Ouziel. Of the 27 carefully selected botanical herbs around the world, Baralis chose 9 because they responded to a precise historical symbolism. Each herb is placed next to an infernal circle : wormwood (Limbo), cardamom (Lussuriosi), bitter orange peel (Golosi), cumin (Avari), basil (Iracondi), nettle(Heretics), tansy (Violenti), fennel (Fraudolenti) and caraway (Traitors).

Equal parts of red Dolcetto and white Cortese are then added to the herbs : the result is an intense blend with a ruby ​​red color and a strong flavor. A modern Torino Superiore vermouth to be enjoyed neat with ice or in a cocktail . For example it is ideal with the Negroni , the Manhattan or the Americano . That’s why a recipe book with different cocktails was also born , all to try.


  1. Dante Spritz . Ingredients: 60 ml / 2 oz 9di Dante Inferno; 60 ml / 2 oz Prosecco; a splash of soda. Preparation: serve in a glass of Dante Inferno and prosecco in equal parts; add a splash of soda and garnish with an orange zest.
  2. Dante’s coffee . Ingredients: 60 ml / 2 oz 9di Dante Inferno; 30 ml / 1 oz Espresso Coffee. Preparation: pour an espresso coffee over 9di Dante and ice and mix lightly; garnish with an orange and lemon zest.
  3. Dante’s 9th Garibaldi . Ingredients: 40 ml / 1⅓ oz 9di Dante Inferno; 10 ml / ⅓ oz Roots Mastika Liqueur; 40 ml / 1⅓ oz Pink grapefruit juice; 20 ml / ⅔ oz Black tea. Preparation: mix all the ingredients in a shaker with ice; shake vigorously and strain into a highball glass; garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit.

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