Vegetarian ribs? Try cooking Corn Ribs

Vegetarian ribs? Try cooking Corn Ribs

Corn ribs, literally (vegetarian) corn ribs, are making a comeback thanks to social media: we tell you how to prepare them at home too.

On TikTok the last frontier is the corn ribs , strictly a vegetarian / vegan version of the homologous and juicy ribs of meat , brought to the fore some time ago by David Chang in his Momofuku Ssam Bar. The new plant-based trend , prepared in many videos on the social network – some exceed 12 million views – shows the new dish as a new turning point , to eat corn on the cob without having to get dirty everywhere.

Corn ribs are very easy to prepare , especially if you can use an air fryer . In the video uploaded by food blogger Farrah Jalanbo (aka @spicednice) they are divided into quarters, brushed with a mixture of olive oil and spices and cooked in the air fryer for 10 minutes at 200 ° C. The result? Perfectly curled ribs, to be served with an alioli sauce and crumbled cheese. Even more curled than if cooked in the oven, where cooking is a little less lively.

In fact, once ready, the corn ribs can be seasoned at will . They are very versatile as an appetizer, to be presented even to less convinced friends and, to see them, they look a bit like a vegetarian version of chicharrones . Obviously, nobody forbids really frying them : another version of corn ribs, in fact, is the one presented by the Californian restaurant Le Coupé, which instead provides for real frying in oil. Accompanying them, this time, with a lime and coriander mayonnaise.

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