Valentine’s Day as a single? There is the restaurant for eating alone

Valentine’s Day as a single? There is the restaurant for eating alone

If you find yourself single again this Valentine’s Day, in London there is a restaurant dedicated to you: Two4One celebrates self love on a particular day.

Self-centered listening, are you ready for yet another single Valentine’s Day ? Do not worry, there are those who have also thought of you. In London , on the occasion of the feast of lovers, the Two4One self-love restaurant arrives . Available only for two evenings in February, the idea of ​​this pop-up venue comes from the British discount card Tastecard, which specializes in discounts on restaurants, after conducting a survey among UK residents and found that 1 in 3 of respondents he stated that he regularly ate alone.

“ Do you want to spend Valentine’s Day looking at a reflection of your face? He then asked his customers. And here’s how, for that evening, it will be possible to reserve a table, sitting in front of a large mirror that reflects one’s own image and be pleased like modern Narcissus. With a final surprise: loneliness, in fact, will soon be broken.

Just before the last course of the dinner, all the mirrors will be raised , thus revealing the person who, all along, was actually sitting in the chair opposite. The various couples formed, therefore, will be given the opportunity to pay for dinner separately or together. In the second case, obtaining a special discount. And, who knows, maybe even an appointment.

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