Valentine’s Day: 10 non-trivial sweets to try immediately

Valentine’s Day: 10 non-trivial sweets to try immediately

If on Valentine’s Day you want to surprise your sweetheart with an original dessert, here are 10 recipes to cook that are not at all trivial to cook right away.

Being romantic all year round won’t save you from facing the dreaded day of lovers. Hearts, chocolates, bouquets of flowers and tête-à-tête dinners abound on Valentine’s Day , but that doesn’t mean you can’t be original while maintaining a honeyed spirit. The privileged test bench to try your hand at is the kitchen, and in particular, the variegated world of desserts . If you’ve had enough of heart-shaped cakes, sugary decorations and classic chocolates, dare unusual combinations , abound in spices and try the sweet versions of traditional savory recipes. Let yourself be inspired by these 10 original and different desserts: ready to amaze your sweetheart?


  1. Perfect kisses . Small chocolate bowler hats that have nothing to do with the classic lady’s kisses. The dough is that of cat tongues and the filling has cream and raspberries as main ingredients. You will get an exquisite sweet to be enjoyed in one bite: treat yourself to these little kisses as a dessert, or even for an after dinner, accompanied by a good glass of wine.
  2. Chilli muffins . The secret of these muffins lies in the spicy notes of the chilli that bind particularly well with the taste of dark chocolate and other spices present in the dough. The procedure follows the classic recipe with the difference that you need to add half a teaspoon of chilli powder and a pinch of ginger. To complete, cover the surface of your muffins with red royal icing and decorate with sprinkles and colored hearts.
  3. Tart with candied roses . An extremely choreographic and romantic dessert with which you will amaze your partner without falling into banality. The original touch of this tart lies in the decoration with rose petals dipped in sugar syrup, left to harden and used for the final coating. The filling instead includes a delicious filling based on cream, chocolate drops and rose jam.
  4. Truffles with chocolate and gorgonzola . A completely new combination of flavors, that of chocolate with gorgonzola, but of sure success. If at first you arouse surprise and a certain skepticism, you will see that satisfaction will not be long in coming to the test of tasting. Preparing these truffles is very easy: just make a ganache with chocolate and cream, form balls the size of a walnut and insert a cube of gorgonzola inside. Finally, dip your truffles in bitter cocoa and serve them together with chocolates in the shape of kisses or hearts that you will have left in the fridge a few hours before.
  5. Chocolate cannoli . An appetizing reinterpretation of the classic Sicilian cannoli which for the occasion see a delicious chocolate wafer embracing a light and egg-free cream. Making them is very simple: you will only need a certain familiarity in giving the right shape to the waffles as soon as they come out of the oven. For the rest, stuff your cannoli just before serving and complete the decoration with the chopped dried fruit of your choice.
  6. Potato and chocolate pancakes . An unusual dessert that uses the texture and sweetness of potatoes as a main ingredient together with chocolate to improve leavening and make the flavor more balanced. These pancakes are a real temptation that you can fill with custard, chocolate, hazelnut cream or other fillings.
  7. White chocolate cake pop . Nice and cheerful, these cake pops will make your Valentine’s Day witty and fun. Very easy to prepare, you just have to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, cover small balls of dough – based on butter, flour and sugar – and decorate with chocolate sprinkles and colored grains.
  8. Sweet arancini . The appearance is that of the classic Sicilian arancini, but the flavor is that of a full-blown dessert. These are sweet rice balls cooked in vanilla flavored milk, with a delicious chocolate-based filling. Also fundamental is the preparation of the batter, based on water and flour, in which the arancini must be passed before being fried in boiling oil.
  9. Barbecue blueberry pie . The extravagance of this cake is in the barbecue cooking: use the indirect cooking method by placing the heat source away from the pan and closing the lid so that the temperature spreads evenly. In this way the blueberry juice will be absorbed by the dough and the cake will be ready to be decorated with a mix of white chocolate and yogurt.
  10. Spicy chocolate cannellini mousse . A mousse with a not too sweet taste, but perfectly balanced. Use a quality dark chocolate that enhances the spicy notes of chilli and choose cannellini beans, with a softer consistency and a delicate flavor. Serve the mousse as a dessert at the end of a meal or use it as a filling for other desserts, such as pies, cheesecake or crêpes.

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