Unicorn beer: did we need it?

Unicorn beer: did we need it?

The unicorn beer, named Sour Me Unicorn Farts, is born from the union of a craft brewery and a donuts shop.

Shimmering, fruity, with a biscuit flavor . And it could only be like this, given that it was born from the encounter between a craft brewery and a donut factory. It’s called Sour Me Unicorn Farts and comes from America the limited edition unicorn beer produced by the craft brewery DuClaw , of Maryland, in joint venture with Diablo Donuts , a brand of donuts from Baltimore.

Orange and pink colored, glittered and packaged in strictly light blue or pink cans, this beer starts from a fermentation process in which a mix of fruity and vanilla-flavored cereals are mixed with special edible glitter , which give it a truly special pearly appearance. . It rises 5.5 degrees and has had a first launch in the breweries around Baltimore: in the next few months it should reach the national large distribution and, who knows, maybe one day it will also arrive in Italy.

In fact, in the world of unicorn food , a beer was missing: after the wine, the cakes, the donuts, the toast or the iridescent noodles and the most famous frappuccino of Starbucks and Unicornetto of Unilever, a new product that recalled this much loved animal fantastic, in view of the summer, it was just fine. But we’re not sure we want to drink it. And you?

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