Two Masterchefs have created a new concept of food at home, Delivery Valley

Two Masterchefs have created a new concept of food at home, Delivery Valley

The former Masterchefs Alida Gotta and Maurizio Rosazza Prin have created a new concept of food at home, Delivery Valley.

In such dark times, we are also getting used to the darkness of the kitchens, that is to the dark kitchens, the hidden kitchens from which the dishes that are ordered with the delivery start . But the novelty is that in Milan there is a dark cuisine that is not so dark , on the contrary. It has shop windows on the street in the busy Navigli area, with stoves and chefs in sight. Delivery Valley  is a new restaurant concept created specifically for delivery, without tables and with riders instead of waiters, created by Alida Gotta and Maurizio Rosazza Prin .

For Alida and Maurizio, both competitors of the reality show, the convict was Masterchef . Actual couple and also at work: ” The idea of ​​working together on the project was born at Masterchef All Stars – says Alida –the focus is not only on the dishes but also on packaging and delivery times after Maurizio had observed the growing delivery phenomenon in Los Angeles and then in Berlin. Last March we were ready to open but then there was the lockdown that stopped everything for three months. But then, since we opened on 1 June we have never stopped: since then we have placed over 10,000 orders, with an increase of 175% “. And the hiring of three people for an indefinite period . Which, these days, is more than a rarity. Alida acknowledges: “ Unfortunately today, in general, with delivery you don’t eat well. We try to offer a total quality of food: from the choice of raw materials, to the preparation of the dishes and finally giving the utmost attention to the packaging and delivery times of the food. In fact – he continues –we have done and do many tests on each new recipe and our food tastes better if consumed 20 minutes after its departure from the restaurant “.

Five different cuisines

At Delivery Valley there are five kitchen lines, each with its own chef, its own station, its own communication and its own dedicated brand: pan pizza (with Viva la Farina flour) Yeast Mother F **** r , l ” Giga Burger burgers , Gira Girarrosto’s chicken , giant pork ribs (500 g, 1 kg and 2 kg) in barbecue sauce and cooked at low temperature Giga Ribs and finally Fritt Fighter , a brand of only fried: meat , chicken, fish, mixed.

Future projects

Currently the kitchen is led by Francesco, Maurizio’s sous chef, and by Erika, Alida’s sister: “ Maurizio and I are now more on the entrepreneurial side of the project; I am sole administrator, only woman among 10 men! We are also creating partnerships: Maurizio has invented Kitchen Media, a collaboration format with companies in the wine & food sector. At the moment we have one with Santa Margherita wines, and it consists in pairing a prosecco from the winery with a combo of three different pizzas. The Kitchen Media function is used to bring home, with the delivery, even those brands and products that magai don’t think about when you go to the super shop, but that make excellent pairings with our dishes “. Delivery Valley will grow withanother opening : Milan (northern area) by the end of 2020, then it will be Turin .

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