Trapizzino also arrives in Turin and opens at the Central Market

After Rome, Milan, Florence and New York, the Trapizzino by Stefano Callegari and Paul Pansera also arrives at the Central Market in Turin.

In just over 10 years it has become the symbol of quality street food in Rome. The Trapizzino is an intuition as simple as it is ingenious: a triangular pocket of excellent white pizza, stuffed with delicacies such as chicken cacciatore,after florence, milan and new york, trapizzino arrives in turinmeatballs with sauce, tongue in green sauce or the more exotic zighinì. It all began in Testaccio, the symbolic district of the capital’s gastronomy, where Stefano Callegari opened the first restaurant entirely dedicated to his invention. After various other locations in Rome and then in Florence, Milan and New York, Trapizzino now focuses on Turin within the new Central Market and, from mid-May, also in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II. Partner and historical friend of Callegari, Paul Pansera told us some interesting things about the new opening in Turin and beyond.

Trapizzino in Piazza Carlina

The headquarters in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II want to be a place to live at different times of the day . “ It’s Trapizzino, of course, but on the second shutter it says La Vineria ”. As in Trastevere, therefore, although the Turin restaurant is completely different in size and style. “ We have 7 meter high ceilings, large windows and lots of space available”. In fact, there are 160 seats, half of which in the outdoor terrace. “Having the right size, I want to create an idea that I had for some time: a sort of chef’s table, where Trapizzini with more express fillings will be served and it will also be the place to invite chef friends who want to get involved “.

The sweet trapizzino

sweet version is also available for the greediest of Turin : “ We invented it some time ago with my sister Antonella, who works in our family pastry shop “. It will be the same as the Trapizzino in shape but it is sweet, it will recall Sacher and  Cuneo : there is a rum ganache, inserted in a chocolate sponge cake, always covered with chocolate .

An indestructible partnership

“ Stefano Callegari has been my partner and my friend since we were kids. Let’s continue this adventure together in parallel with the other projects that each of us carries out: his pizzerias and my clubs ( Il Sorpasso and Passaguai , ed). We owe him the invention of the Trapizzino and I can say that besides being a genius he is a true lover of food and good drink ”, says Pansera.

Upcoming openings and the hypothesis of franchising

” If I open another soon I could die … We have several things to take care of, for sure we know that we will also be present in the upcoming Central Market in Milan “. A Trapizzino brand has also appeared in Trieste a few months ago , but apparently with non-direct management . The definition of franchising, however, is not in the ropes of Paul Pansera.other places will only be open if we can manage them, says pansera“ I don’t like this word! Our name is there and for us it means being partners, we send our staff there every week “. What if someone wants to open a Trapizzino-branded restaurant in other cities? “ We have 5000 requests from all over the world, from Colombia to Cambodia, but we are born restaurateurs so other places could only be open if we are there to throw an eye. If someone wants to become our partner, they should first come and work with us for a while, get to know us, in order to convey our mission to them. We sell a quality product for only four euros because we do it first of all for passion: Trapizzino was born from Stefano’s greediness, we are not a chain “.

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