Top 3 of the dishes of Marconi by Aurora Mazzucchelli

Top 3 of the dishes of Marconi by Aurora Mazzucchelli

We went to the Marconi restaurant in Sasso Marconi to try Aurora Mazzucchelli’s cuisine: here are our favorites.

In Sasso Marconi I met a girl who for 10 years has controlled, under the protection of the Michelin star, a phenomenon of widespread creativity. It is  Aurora Mazzucchelli , the chef of the Marconi Restaurant , a place that promotes an ethical heritage of good thingswho together with his brother Massimo and his sister Mascia has shaped the family restaurant in a new way: Mollica oven, Gourmet restaurant, vegetable garden from which to pick the fruits of the earth. A historic place, restored with renewed attention and vigor, which promotes an ethical heritage of good things, and which has determined the success of Marconi over time. Aurora is the combination of courtesy and practicality: before closing in the kitchen, she reviews the garden, where she collects aromatic herbs and ready-made vegetables. Massimo has a special vocation for the dining room, ancient flours and a passion for local wines, natural ones and those of revolutionary winemakers. To complete the family picture there is Mascia, the little girl from the Mazzucchelli house, sparkling and with a passion for engines,

You will not find a basket with a thousand varieties of bread, but a bread all for you, made with Andriolo soft wheat flour, cooked in the oven at the moment, while you will deceive the wait with the udder with green sauce, the fried mussel in tempura with powder of herring and other surprises. A menu set between past, present and future, where there is always something that anticipates trends among the excellence of Emilian cuisine, in an aesthetic-culinary project, suspended between utopia and positivism. Here is our Top 3 in homage to Aurora Mazzucchelli’s forge of ideas and creativity.


  1. Pigeon, pink breast, pink turnips and licorice; thighs in tartar and liver pate . A return to the super-classic, but with authentic concert notes in flavors and textures. The pink turnips and licorice are a foulard that lightly does not cover the pigeon flavor, but makes it elegant. The liver pâté pays homage to an author’s stage in Tuscany at the court of Gaetano Trova; the tartare is a clear message to share cultural knowledge in a different key. ” The pigeon is mine “, says Aurora ” and I try to make the most of it, without neglecting the dishes that contain it, for an imaginative game of exchange between contents and containers “.
  2. Red shrimp, mortadella mousse and pea frost . In spring where pastel colors are fashionable, green and pink are the perfect combination of this dish that gives warmth and freshness, as happens before and after a gastronomic storm . The imprint of Aurora Mazzucchelli, promoter of the spirit of culture.
  3. Pork head, pancotto, chestnuts and salted lemon . This dish shows the sun, makes you feel emotion, makes you surf on an electric wave of flavors and textures. An alternative energy to the usual pig’s belly, a preparation of such harmony that it mixes with the scent of chestnuts and rose vinegar. A situation that gives rise to an important dialogue between the ingredients.

Out of the charts: the pastry .

Kneaded by Aurora and her mother, rezdora for a lifetime. They give voice to consolidated realities of Emilian cuisine such as Tortelli stuffed with Parmigiano Reggiano, scented with lavender and almonds, but above all the Maccheroni al torchio stuffed with smoked eel, served with oyster ragout and spinach cream where there is vitality and adventure , and that never get old. Final with the return of a great classic, the pineapple ravioli stuffed with ricotta in their broth, served with Sidamo coffee caviar, raisins and pine nuts, as if they were friends you can’t do without.

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