Top 3 of the best dishes of Giulia Restaurant in Rome

Top 3 of the best dishes of Giulia Restaurant in Rome

We went to Giulia Restaurant in Rome, a restaurant that combines creative dishes with pop proposals, well-made cocktails and a unique location.

Opened in 2017, Giulia Restaurant is the restaurant housed in the historic building designed by the architect Marcello Piacentini, which is located between Lungotevere dei Tebaldi and via Giulia.a location among the most beautiful streets of the capital, creative dishes and well-made cocktailsThroughout the summer of 2020 the service will be carried out on the upper floors of the building, previously dedicated to hospitality, in intimate rooms and suggestive terraces overlooking Ponte Sisto. Here it is possible to enjoy even just an aperitif, with the drinks of the bartender Gianluca Storchi to accompany the Gnoccheria , another novelty of this season: a tantalizing proposal of stuffed or Roman-style gnocchi, stuffed in a creative way. For those who want to stop for dinner, the chef Pierluigi Gallo has created new dishes, which complement his workhorses, in a menu with clear flavors, which evoke the Italian tradition. Among the various courses tasted, here are those that deserve to be included in our Top 3 .


  1. Fried sweetbreads, friggitelli, buffalo ricotta and provola . Sweetbreads are often present in the gourmet restaurant menu. Chef Gallo offers them breaded in breadcrumbs, fried and accompanied by a friggitello roasted on coals, stuffed with ricotta and smoked buffalo provola. Everything is served on a friggitello extract, green apple, lime and cucumber. There are vegetal, smoky scents, while the slight acidity of the extract goes well with the delicate greasiness of frying and the sweetness of sweetbreads. An appetizer that represents a very promising start. 
  2. Loin of Lamb, Anchovies, Aubergines and Almonds . The lamb loin is cooked at a low temperature and regenerated in a pan to give it crunchiness. The fillet, on the other hand, is prepared express and served rare. A composite dish, with anchovy sauce that enhances animal flavors while almond water gives sweetness and surprising depth of taste. The sweet and sour onion acts as a twist, while the aubergine, first fried and then reduced to chutney with vinegar, is an intuition of the chef that further enriches the recipe.  
  3. Crunchy boiled meat, Genovese of figs and rocket . Gallo’s cuisine is easily intelligible and direct, despite the fact that a certain technical complexity hides behind each course. As in the case of crispy boiled meat with genovese of figs and rocket, which thrills the taste buds, thanks to contrasts of flavors and play of textures. The tongue is boiled in milk (steamed) and regenerated over a high flame. When bitten, the crunchy walls give way revealing the melting interior. The sweetness of figs with onions, reduced with vinegar, marsala and white wine, engages in a captivating duel with the bitterness of rocket extract.

Out of Classification: Without Spaghetti with Clams

Born for a contest in 2018, Senza Spaghetti alle Vongole has become a classic in a short time, one of those dishes that once tasted remain in the memory and are often requested by those who return to Giulia Restaurant. It is a pasta filled with pasta, or egg pasta stuffed with spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli overcooked and transformed into cream. The external condiment is instead made with clams and an emulsion of their cooking water. A game of gastronomic illusion that amuses, but above all satisfies the palate.

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