Too much silence? Apps recreate the noise of bars and restaurants

Too much silence? Apps recreate the noise of bars and restaurants

If absolute silence doesn’t make you work well or you miss the sounds of a cafe or restaurant, some apps come to your aid.

With the timid reopening of the takeaway and delivery premises, it is still too early to declare that we have returned to a normality made up of banquets, good food and good drink. to break the silence, some apps offer sounds of bars and restaurantsAnd, why not, also of noise. The social isolation and smart working of recent months have accustomed us to a silence that before we were unable to listen. We often eat alone and if we don’t turn on the TV in the background we are there to eat our meals in the absence of sound. And without that typical clatter of crockery that we used to have as a soundtrack in clubs and bars . Who doesn’t miss the sound of the barista beating the coffee filter? Saucers placed hastily on the counter, orders shouted aloud. For the moment you can console yourself by downloading an application and, wearing a pair of earphones, you can pretend to eat or work surrounded by the first familiar noise of life passing by.

Just connect to the stores – iOs or Android – and look for one of these names: A Soft Murmur (free) or Noisli (at a price of 2.29 euros), which among the various sounds also offer that of people inside a not too noisy coffee . And that give you the opportunity to mix them with other sounds, such as rain, wind in the leaves, water flowing. The noises of a bar are also at the center of Coffee Noise , which offers various atmospheres, from a very normal and calm one to a slightly more jazzy version.

Or, again, you can connect to the Soundsnap site , go to the interiors section and then randomly choose the sounds proposed in the subgroup of cafes or restaurants . Even listening, as in a trip abroad, to the voices and noises of a local in Amsterdam, the French cadences of Montreal diners, or imagining that you are in a crowded Tokyo sushi place. A bit like, in short, if you were out and about for a normal vacation.

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