Tiramisù Day according to chefs and pastry chefs

Tiramisù Day according to chefs and pastry chefs

Today 21 March is Tiramisù Day: we asked chefs and pastry chefs for their personal vision of the most loved Italian dessert in the world.

The tiramisu is the best known Italian sweet and appreciated worldwide, and is a perfect goodies to pull himself up after the cold and gray days of winter: for this day March 21 will not only be the first day of spring. From this year, on the same date, the #tiramisuday is celebrated , an initiative launched by the couple of food writers Clara and Gigi Padovani. In fact, the initiative was born from an idea that arose thanks to their book Tiramisù. History, curiosity, interpretation of the most loved Italian dessert (Giunti), which traces the history of this dessert invented in the north-east (it was born in Friuli, but it was the Veneto that made it known in Italy and in the world).


#Tiramisday will be celebrated in all 34 Eataly Stores in the world, 21 in Italy and in the other 13 in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Turkey, Germany, Denmark. In particular in the latest born in Italy, Eataly Trieste, the executive chef Vincenzo Mitola will propose the Trieste Cup during the showcooking with Clara Padovani and the Slovenian chef Tomaž Kavčič will present his Boramisù . But how do some big names in Italian pastry and catering interpret tiramisu?


  1. massari-recipe-tiramisu-cakeIginio Massari sees a classic tiramisu and proposes it in a cake version: “ If you want to make a good dessert, you need careful preparation. The fact that tiramisu is so widely consumed today does not mean that its recipe is to be underestimated: it is always necessary to use quality ingredients “.
  2. oldani-tiramisu-white-minLight and white tiramisu for Davide Oldani : “ I remember what my aunt used to prepare with Pavesini. I interpreted it in a somewhat innovative way, also thinking about the well-being of those who eat it, because it is lightened. I kept the biscuit, the mascarpone, the cream, but with a different aspect, in white “.
  3. Decomposed but also traditional for Valeria Piccini : in Montemerano da Caino tiramisu was never on the menu , but until recently it was brought to the table with friandises, a miniature one with a small coffee ice cream on top. Instead at the Winter Garden St. Regis Restaurant in Florence where the chef has a consultancy, a Diversamente Tiramisu was created : a zabaglione splashed directly on the plate, mascarpone cream with banana sorbet, coffee meringue and chocolate crumble. It is one of the favorite desserts of the chef who loves the version with Pavesini more than the one with ladyfingers. And he closes by revealing that his favorite is the one he eats at the Pianetti restaurant, between Saturnia and Montemerano, with his friend Marzia.
  4. tiramisu-up-guido-chestnutTiramisù Up that of Guido Castagna : the artisan chocolatier among the best known and most appreciated remembers “ my grandmother’s tiramisu. I watched in delight at that egg that became a cream. Mine is in a modern way: the Up cream does not have eggs, but has a texture that is very reminiscent of traditional tiramisu. It is also suitable for celiacs, because it is gluten-free “.

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