There is a boom in zero-proof spirits and we tell you which ones to taste

The zero-proof spirits are a constantly growing trend: born in the UK in 2015, they are conquering the whole world, including Italy.

If they consider you (still) that friend * a bit nerdy * who ” does not drink alcohol “, this could finally be the summer of your alcoholic spirits, fragrant and pleasant to drinkThe one in which to strut openly, holding a glass filled with a perfect blend in your hands, a state of the art virgin drink . Yes, because among the bottles of the bartenders’ pantries, for some time now, some once unsuspected ones have appeared. Of fine spirits (and not), but with zero alcohol content . They call them alcohol-free , or dealcoholized spirits , and their trend in recent years is increasingly growing. They were created to make mocktails – versions of cocktails identical to the homologous in appearance, but diametrically opposed in the quantity of ethanol contained – and compete without batting an eyelid, in terms of complexity, with the much loved alcoholic cousins.

A trend born in the UK

This propensity for non-alcoholic spirits is of English origin. It explodes in the UK starting in 2015 with Seedlip , founded in the previous year and acquired by Diageo 5 years later. To then move overseas as well, where the trend begins to rise rapidly, supported by that category of low and no beverage users , by conscious consumption, which just doesn’t know what to do with alcohol. They are products inspired by gins, botanical spirits , genever, bitters, and exploit ingredients of vegetable origin such as spices, aromatic herbs and citrus fruits to achieve a high degree of complexity. Not containing alcohol, they easily save you the hangover of the next day, without making you lose the pleasure of the banquet. Fragrant, dignified, in short, they are very democratic. To such an extent that there are dedicated bars and that the barmen, today, offer them alongside alcohol.

Bottled cocktails (but without alcohol)

Even companies have had to become aware of the phenomenon, working on it at full capacity. Also Seedlip , for example, had launched in 2019 the Nogroni in the bottle, its version of the alcohol-free negroni. While Arkay is a brand that was first launched in Dubai, where many locals and visitors give up alcohol for cultural reasons.

Furthermore, Ilire , an Australian company, imitates practically everything, from gin to liqueurs, to absinthe . It even has an ersatz vermouth with which to recreate a fake martini . At the end of February 2021, Tanqueray, one of the most famous London Dry Gins in the world, announced the launch of its Tanqueray 0.0 in Spain and Great Britain.

In Italy

Italy, of course, certainly did not stand by and watch. MeMento was born in 2018 , an innovation award at the Barawards of that year. Another example is Amaro Venti in a non-alcoholic version , always containing 20 botanicals from as many Italian regions. There are therefore Gino ° , alcohol free spirit made by infusion in distilled waters of 5 botanicals, (thyme, sage, lavender, olive leaves and verbena) and the Conviv range has recently arrived , with 2 non-alcoholic infusions based on natural ingredients.

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