There is a better method of folding your flatbread or tortilla over Tik Tok

There is a better method of folding your flatbread or tortilla over Tik Tok

On TikTok a new trend is already becoming popular: toasted tortilla wraps are the best way to fold your tortilla or, why not, your flatbread.

Tik Tok is the social app of the moment, one of the most downloaded in the world. If at the beginning it attracted only teenagers, now the target appears significantly expanded. On the other hand, many brands and well-known personalities have understood its communicative power and this also concerns the food world. The consequence? The new trends relating to food and recipes, more and more often, start right there. The most recent confirmation is toasted tortilla wraps , which are going viral. It is a new way to fold tortillas and wraps, but also to mix flavors and create delicious pies . Let’s deepen.

An innovative technique

Making toasted tortilla wraps is really easy. The first step is to make a cut on the surface of the tortilla or piadina, starting from the center and reaching the edge. Then it is ideally divided into four parts , choosing a different filling for each .

After distributing the various ingredients, the sections overlap , starting from one of the two adjacent to the cut and proceeding clockwise.

The result is a multi-layered triangle that ultimately just needs to be toasted. Attention: it is important that the last filling is an ingredient that binds all the others and keeps the piadina closed; for example some cheese, a spreadable cream or a sauce.

Passepartout solution

These special bundles can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and even dinner : it all depends on the ingredients chosen. In the morning you can opt for a mix of Nutella (or pieces of chocolate), fruit, marshmallows, mascarpone. The solutions for lunch and dinner are practically endless.

Any suggestions? Boiled eggs, slices of soft or semi-hard cheese, salad, avocado; fried chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, barbecue sauce; hamburger, cheese, caramelized onion and bacon; raw ham, brie, rocket and apple slices. Sauces, in fact, can also be a plus. In short, the fifth ingredient. This trend rhymes with practicality , speed and imagination. Ergo, you can put whatever you like. And maybe make a video for Tik Tok.

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