The Wine Train is back on the Italian Trans-Siberian

The Wine Train is back on the Italian Trans-Siberian

A journey in the true sense of the word to appreciate and learn about wine: on Sunday 14th July the Wine Train leaves from Sulmona.

Thanks to the renewed collaboration between the Abruzzo Wine Tourism Movement and the LeRotaie association, animator of the historic and suggestive Sulmona-Carpinone railway line, better known as the Trans-Siberian of Italy , on Sunday 14 July the Wine Train returns , one of the most awaited events for wine lovers from all over Italy.

Will be well 20 of Abruzzo wine growers to wait Sunday morning on track 1 of the station of Sulmona the hundreds of travelers who have already booked the ticket on Rails site. Then the departure with the stops of Campo di Giove , Castel di Sangro for lunch and Palena , before returning to Sulmona at around 7 pm.

“ We absolutely wanted to confirm this event in the annual calendar of the Abruzzo Wine Tourism Movement ” explains Nicola D’Auria, President of MTV Italia as well as regional “ because it is truly a virtuous example of planning and collaboration between two reference realities in the Abruzzo tourism panorama. When you play as a team with the other virtuous realities of the area, the results are there and you can do real promotion on a national scale given the many participants who will also come from other regions. A heartfelt thanks to all the winemaker friends who have decided to participate again this year “.

Great news for this edition is the homage that the Abruzzese winemakers wanted to give to all the participants: during the lunch stop in Castel di Sangro, in fact, two bottles of wine will be delivered for each of the participants in the train .The event was realized thanks to the contribution of the Abruzzo RegionSatisfaction also by Claudio Colaizzo, one of the leaders of the Le Rotaie association: ” The Wine Train is a flagship initiative of the 2019 calendar thanks to the truly complete offer of the travel package and the importance of the associations that join us they wanted to organize this day. “The Wine Train,  like Cantine Aperte  and Calici di Stelle ,  is one of the events realized thanks to the contribution of the Abruzzo Region as part of the PSR Measure 3.2 year 2019 project of the 2014-2020 programming.

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