The ultimate spread? To the unicorn

The ultimate spread? To the unicorn

Spreads continue to amaze: the novelty comes from the UK and is called Unicorn Spread, a raspberry spread and… unicorn.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. And now it can become even magical. The British supermarket chain Asda has put on the market – for now only in England –  tastes like raspberry and is far too high in fat and sugarthe Unicorn Spread , a unicorn spread . With the taste and color of raspberry and with crackling candies inside , the magical cream is composed of sugar, oil, cocoa butter, flavors, dyes, milk and milk powder. Each 15-gram serving (about 2 teaspoons) contains 86 calories and a whopping 8.1 grams of sugar . The first time the product on the shelves was noticed by an expert coupon user, who posted a photo of the jar on a Facebook group dedicated to shopping with free coupons, quickly collecting more than 1500 comments. Then came the confirmation of the chain, which shared the product on its official social page.

It is certainly not the first time that Asda has marketed unicorn-based products : before the cream there was the tub of ice cream , with cotton candy, strawberry and sugar unicorns. Then the icicles , 4 for the price of 1 pound, in the shape of the mythical creature. So Asda had also moved on to birthday cakes , ready and glazed complete with ears, golden horn and mane of colored meringues.

As for the Unicorn Spread , among those who couldn’t wait to try it – ” it’s what dreams are made of ” wrote an excited user – and those who wondered what it really contained, the substance remains the same: even on sale at all 645 Asda locations across the UK, sadly, it has already sold out quickly. And for those living outside the UK it is not possible to buy it online .

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