The tarallo cocktail was born in Puglia

The tarallo cocktail was born in Puglia

As in a Margarita, the crumbled tarallo licks the edge of the glass: the idea came to Antonio Laselva of Malidea in Polignano a Mare.

Malidea – Fresh and crunchy, this is a place in Polignano a Mare (Domenico Modugno seafront, 11) that is highly appreciated both for its cuisine and for its drinks. The success is attributable to the quality of the products but also to the originality of the proposals: we mention, just to give an example, the Kyoto a mare pinsa, with salmon sashimi, soy sauce, avocado, stracciatella, nori seaweed julienne, zucchini, sesame seeds. In the face of such audacity, it is hardly surprising that O famo strange , the tarallo cocktail , was born at Malidea .

How did the idea come about

Antonio Laselva , Malidea ‘s bartender, had been fondling the idea of ​​putting Puglia, and Polignano in particular, in the glass for a while. And for a while he had been thinking of using tarallo for this purpose, but he could not identify the winning way. One evening, a customer asked him for a drink of Mezcal peloton de la muerte and, finally, the enlightenment came. Antonio did not include the tarallo among the ingredients; he crumbled it and used it to coat the rim of the glass , just like salt in the case of Margarita. In addition to the Mezcal, he poured Ocho blanco tequila, Hysteria liqueur, and lime juice. At that point, he decided to add another gem : tomato jam.

Local products reign

The O famo Strange cocktail symbolizes Puglia and Polignano, celebrates local traditions. For consistency, therefore, Antonio uses the taralli produced by a local bakery , alternating the classic ones with those made with onion calzone. The tomato jam , on the other hand, is made directly in the Malidea laboratory. Now. The local team is used to propose combinations of pinsa and cocktails ; in the case of the tarallo cocktail, the suggested association is the one with Porco Rico , with coppata bacon, aubergines, cherry tomato jam, raw buffalo, basil cream and chopped pistachios.

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