The stories of the great pastry chefs: Christophe Michalak

The stories of the great pastry chefs: Christophe Michalak

Christophe Michalak is one of the most famous pastry chefs in France, but a lot of fame came after years of apprenticeship at Ducasse and Hermè: this is his story.

He is one of the best-known television faces in France , he has a school that bears his name, he publishes books that sell out within a few weeks of their release, he is quite handsome and, as if that weren’t enough, Christophe Michalak , is a pastry chef of undoubted talent and extreme creativity, counted among the most influential in the world.At 16 he was already a professional and the experiences of Ducasse and Hermè have consecrated his technique and creativityClass 1973 , born in Senlis , a few kilometers from Paris, becomes 16 years professional. At 27 he is chef pâtissière at Alain Ducasse’s Plaza Athénée , in 2005 he won the world cup in Lyon with the French team and in 2013 he was awarded the Pastry Chef of the Year award by the Relais Desserts association chaired by Pierre Hermè . The latter is one of the masters to whom Cristophe draws inspiration, “ because he brought to the fore the concept of Haute Patisserie to which I refer ” – he said in an interview; ” And then there is Gastone Lenotre for the maniacal use of the best raw materials and Philippe Conticini for the extraordinary creativity“. Sources of inspiration from which to start but not points of arrival.


Michalak immediately made it clear how much his desire was to legitimize himself in the world pastry scene and here he is in fact finding a very personal aesthetic figure with these sweets loaded with fresh fruit and natural decorations which, at first glance, seem to be arranged in a casual and on the other hand, upon closer inspection, you can see play of colors, mixed softness and crunchiness, perfectly balanced acid and sweet points.


And so much beauty sealed in a somewhat arrogant (but irresistible) way by the Christophe Michalak logo, the trace of a black heartbeat on a white background, “ because pastry is a combat sport”. The names of his desserts always contain the letter k as for the very famous Cosmik , sweets in a jar sold with a matching spoon. A letter that is his signature, his seal of independence, which defines the will to be the best.


Already in his period as assistant to Pierre Hermè, Michalak stood out for his technique, creativity, tenacity and above all for a character that was anything but subdued; hence the nickname of  noisy pastry chef . ” Pastry is much more demanding than cooking, it requires diabolical precision and great fortitude, those who are weak in life can never become a great pastry chef “.


It took him twenty years to develop the recipe for a perfect chocolate mousse; he replicated all the recipes found in the books of his masters, adapting them to his personal taste. His pastry has a strong aesthetic impact , a direct flavor and gives an immediate pleasure: they defined an emotional pastry .


Certainly a hand that leaves nothing to chance, an eye always ready to grasp the harmony of food and a refined palate that offers such intense emotions that the most famous jewelry house in the world, Cartier , requested and obtained that Cristophe open a small tea room, on the upper floor of the Geneva shop, where the lucky ones can give themselves an even more beautiful gift than a jewel by tasting the creations of the master. Free, pay the jeweler.

christophe-michalak_dolci-single portion

In October 2018 his first franchise opens outside France, in Japan , and his Michalak Masterclass school  continues to have months of waiting. He may have grown up, that’s for sure, but the noise continues to do so.

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