The stories of great chefs: Gordon Ramsay

The stories of great chefs: Gordon Ramsay

Difficult, irascible, foul-mouthed: he is Gordon Ramsay, one of the best known chefs to the general public. We tell you its story.

Seeing it on TV you wouldn’t think, but Gordon Ramsay , like his colleague Marco Pierre White , enjoys a very bad reputation and, according to the opinion of vegetarians or gastronomic sects, he looks like the devil.has been repeatedly called a bastard or at least a somewhat irritable subjectThe news concerning him is almost more reminiscent of the stunts of a hooligan than that of a chef with 3 Michelin stars, but Gordon Ramsay “is not only good, he is the best “, says Anthony Bourdain, also with a particular character. He is deeply carnivorous and is used to not being given directions on the menu by anyone, much less by critics. He prefers to turn away annoying customers: the food critic AA Gill knows something about it, who after being kicked out of one of his restaurants, defined him ” an excellent cook but a disappointment as a man “. And that is why he has been repeatedly called a bastard, or at least a somewhat irritable subject. Bastard (if not worse) called him Marco Pierre himself White when in 2013, invited to the wedding, Ramsay showed up with his TV crew.

Career and restaurants

gordon ramsay restaurant

Gordon is Scottish, born in 1966, and is known to the general public as a host of television programs dedicated to cooking such as Hell’s Kitchen, Cucine da nightmare, MasterChef, The F Word, just to name the best known. Before becoming a chef he was a footballing promise playing for Glasgow’s Rangers, but in 1984, injured his knee, he was forced to leave. Fortunately for him and for us, he finds a makeshift job as a sous-chef at the Roxburgh House Hotel. Later he moved to London to work with Marco Pierre White. He then moves to Paris, to Guy Savoy’s restaurant. Shortly after, he went to Joël Robuchon to study as a pastry chef and also found the time to go to Alain Ducasse to understand Mediterranean cuisine. Then alonein 1993 he opened his restaurant in Chelsea , where he obtained 3 Michelin stars.

gordon ramsay fillet wellington

In May 2003 he inaugurated the Boxwood Cafè at The Berkeley in Knightsbridge; in 2005 the Verre in Dubai and two other restaurants in Tokyo; in 2006 the Gordon Ramsay at the London in New York; in 2007 a restaurant in Ireland; in 2008 Los Angeles; in 2009 in Italy in the Forte Village of Pula (Sardinia), and two in Chianti. Together with Marcus Wareing he owns the Savoy Grill and the Petrus . Always going against the trend, he is a firm supporter of the use of meat in the kitchen.

Seen by others

anthony bourdain

He has also written cookbooks with his wife, but they are rather boring and banal ideas from bored housewives. To tell about a chef whose cuisine I have not personally tried yet, I relied on the brilliant pen of a colleague of his, precisely Anthony Bourdain who, in the book Il Viaggio di un Cuoco (Feltrinelli, 2001), describes him as follows:to be good it is not enough to know how to cook well, you need to be able to cook in an excellent way every day “Those who do not understand that a chef who works at the level of Ramsay can be irritable, and who think they can place themselves higher than the chef, do not know what it is to work in a professional kitchen, they do not know what it takes. to be the best in that world. To be a good one is not enough to know how to cook well, you need to be able to cook excellently every day and in an environment where thousands of things can go wrong, with a team of drunken bandits who would gladly rob a supermarket, in a fickle way, capricious and anarchist. While everyone is waiting for nothing but your mistake. During a visit to his restaurant, I recognized in the dining room and in the kitchen numerous members of the staff who had appeared in Boiling Point (1998 TV program). Under the siege of the cameras, in my opinion he behaved exceptionally. I cheered for him when I saw him slaving away for a banquet in Versailles attended by an occasional staff of indolent dickheads. I rejoiced when I saw him chase a waiter who was caught drinking from the bottle. Patii with him waiting for the third Michelin star and my heart broke when he didn’t get it (…) Seven years later they were still there: when Ramsey left L’Aubergine, the entire staff – and there were 45 waiters included – chose to go with him. No cook in their right mind shows up in Gordon’s kitchen working 15 hours, sweating seven shirts at the risk of getting a scary tantrum (at best) because Gordon is a narcissistic bastard. They show up every day and work like slaves simply because he’s the best.“.

gordon ramsay plate

Anthony Bourdain continues, speaking of Ramsay ‘s talent : “What matters is that his food is good. After all, it’s about food, right? I ate twice at Ramsey’s restaurant in Chelsea and both times it was a world class experience. A great chef at the top of his qualities. Ramsay was trained as a patissier – that’s an important thing. Most of the chefs, myself included, have a deep distrust of their colleagues who are precise, fussy, a little effeminate and obsessed with the presentation of the pastry section, all that babel of sticky and delicate sweet stuff. Each ingredient must be measured with extreme accuracy and the procedures must be repeated identically every time. Ramsay’s food echoes his training. It is precise, colorful, artistically arranged.“.

Gordon Ramsay

If you want to prepare a dinner like Gordon Ramsay, take all the ingredients in the recipe, measure them, try the passages three times with the heat off. Then give a couple of slaps to whoever is helping you yelling: ” Dirty bastard idiot “, and so on for 6 minutes. Then smile kindly, give him a pat on the back and say: ” We are a great team “. Cook calmly; if you do not succeed perfectly, throw everything in the garbage and make yourself a spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli.

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