The new restaurant in Milan is signed by Cracco Elkann

The new restaurant in Milan is signed by Cracco Elkann

Carlo Cracco, famous chef and Lapo Elkann, scion of the Agnelli family will open a restaurant in Milan, within the garage walls of an old gas station.

What do a chef and a scion have in common? We are talking about Carlo Cracco , chef who became famous thanks to the TV show Masterchef, and Lapo Elkann , scion of the Agnelli family and Fiat manager. What unites them, according to Repubblica, is a deal they have decided to do together. second republic lapo elkann and carlo cracco will open a restaurant together in milanIn the old garage of a former gas station in Milan, Lapo Elkann wants to open a restaurant and wants to entrust the kitchen to the skilled hands of Carlo Cracco . Cracco, however, seems to have another project for his skilled hands: it is the construction of a restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele . The renovation and furnishings will be carried out by Michele De Lucchi ‘s studio , with the advice of Rampello . The project will be presented in the next few days, upon Carlo Cracco’s return from the United States.

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