The mini pancakes that are eaten like cereals

The mini pancakes that are eaten like cereals

Cereal pancakes are tiny pancakes very similar to classic size ones, to be served in a bowl with maple syrup or milk.

Tired of the usual pancakes? Let yourself be inspired by TikTok : the latest quarantine craze – given the enormous time available – are pancakes cereal , small prepared miniature pancakes that, just like their larger counterparts, are covered in maple syrup and butter or eat together with blueberries, berries, bananas, ice cream and fresh fruit. But in a bowl.

How to make cereal pancakes

This million-view recipe that is dotting social media is pretty simple.


  1. The batter is identical in all respects to the original one (we have proposed it here ), but any variant, protein, vegan, celiac is fine. What is important is that it is liquid at the right point to be able to squeeze it on the pan. If yours is not, just dilute it with a little milk or water.
  2. The next step is to scour the house for a container that has a small spout . If you can’t find anything , a pastry bag , an old plastic bottle of ketchup , a plastic bottle with a pierced cap, a piece of parchment paper, even a bag for frozen food with the corner slightly cut are also fine . Those who are very good can also get by with a teaspoon, making sure that the pancakes are really tiny and all the same.
  3. Pour the batter into your container, heat a non-stick pan, which you have greased with a piece of butter and then proceed to squeeze very small quantities of mixture , to create microscopic discs. Which, just like the larger ones, you will have to turn over at least once. Be careful though: cooking times are much faster for them. Once finished, your cereal pancakes will be ready.

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