The Milanese panettone becomes a chocolate

The Milanese panettone becomes a chocolate

Davide Comaschi, maître chocolatier, for Christmas 2019 has reinterpreted the panettone by enclosing it in a layer of chocolate and creating a praline.

If we talk about Christmas we are talking about sweetness, about moments of happiness. And there is another word that reflects all these characteristics and also makes the Grinch agree: it is he, the king of all foods, his majesty the chocolate . Therefore, given this similarity between the two factors, it is inevitable to draw the conclusion that the two belong to each other. Imagine a praline that, inside a thin layer of chocolate, encloses a heart with a panettone flavor . It is the limited edition praline by maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi , with the evocative name Christmas 2019 , which is part of the Galaxy Collection line.

A luxurious and voluptuous praline since its inception: the first born of the Galaxy Collection at the Comaschi home dates back to 2013 and crowned the maître chocolatier as the only Italian winner of the World Chocolate Master, the world chocolate championship. The goal – very centered, it must be said – was to marry taste with design, giving life to a product that was not only of absolute quality but that was a real object of desire. A praline that leaves the classic round shape behind to play with angles, perspectives, lights and shadows. A solid with multiple facets and elegant colors, scarlet red, intense pink, to play not only with taste but also with touch and eyes.

For this Christmas, Comaschi has reinterpreted the classic panettone , enclosing it in a thin  chocolate shirt . If you’re thinking about a Christmas gift for a chocolate aficionado, this could be a great compromise.

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