The lipsticks that won’t let you down after eating

The lipsticks that won’t let you down after eating

If you love wearing lipstick but also eating, we suggest some lipsticks that resist any food on any occasion.

I have seen you. At dinner or after dinner out with friends, at your brother’s wedding, at the tasting where, after tasting, you went up on stage to talk. In the photos where they portrayed you holding the best dish in the world in your hands. My girls, are you sure you have chosen the right lipstick ? Because there is nothing worse than a smudged, dull or even worse patchy color . Here, then, are some tips for you. To add some guaranteed products to your beauty case before the next food tour. Without spending a fortune.


  1. Superstay Matte Ink by Maybelline . It is a full color matte dye, in a single swipe. Able to fix on the lips, it can last, in optimal conditions, up to 16 hours. The finish is opaque with an ink effect and is super-pigmented. In each lipstick there are 5 ml of product and you can choose between 8 shades. Price: around 8 euros . Buy it on Amazon .
  2. Cream Lip Stain by Sephora . It is a permanent liquid lipstick and is ultra-opaque. The texture, while wearing it, is very creamy thanks to the avocado oil, while the finish is velvety. After many hours it pulls a little on the lips, but not as much as one would expect from a long lasting product . You can eat and drink there for a long time, without it moving. Obviously, in the case of oily foods, it will tend to fade in some parts, especially in the center of the lips. But this applies to all lipsticks. Price: 10.90 euros . Find it on Amazon .
  3. Lipfinity by Max Factor . It is the longest lasting product I have tried so far. Not only does it stand up to field days like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, but it stays fixed on the lips even after a night’s sleep, a bit like women in the best movies. And without smudging or dirtying the pillow! Inside the package there are two products: the lip tint, to be applied in a thin layer and left to dry for about a minute. Then the conditioner, which makes the finish more glossy and hydrates. It is so resistant that an oily makeup remover is essential to remove it. Price: from 8 to 15 euros . Buy it on Amazon .
  4. Liquid Love by Clio Make Up . In recent years, Youtube star Clio Zammatteo has brought his branded products of the highest quality and affordable prices to the market. Among these are the Liquid Love, 15 liquid lipsticks that once dry show their wonderful matte finish . They are highly performing, with great coverage and very comfortable on the lips. They do not dry out, do not pull and are easily worn all day long. Even at lunch. Price: 13.50 euros .
  5. Wemakeup Ever Liquid Lipstick feat. Camihawke . You are probably watching it broadcast with Carlo Cracco on Rai2 in the daily program In my kitchen . Camilla Boniardi, star of social media, known as Camihawke, also has a collaboration with Wemakeup, with which she gave birth to two lipsticks. Renamed Umile – warm nude product – and Borghese – intense red – they are both suitable for most complexions and undertones, with full color on the first coat, quick drying and matte finish . They really last a long time, sometimes even more than the declared 8 hours. And they are part of a larger line that includes 63 colors. Price: 15 euros .
  6. Stunna Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty . Rihanna created her own long-lasting lipstick. With Fenty Beauty, her makeup line, she gave life to Stunna Lip Paint, a selection of liquid lipsticks with a fluid and full texture. The finish is opaque and lasts about 12 hours, without the need to touch up the mouth. The colors are 9 and the (ex) singer herself chose them. Price: from  22.90 euros . Buy it on Amazon .

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