The Lego Pizza goes viral on YouTube

The Lego Pizza goes viral on YouTube

The YouTube channel Bebop produced a video that went viral after a short time: the pizza prepared in stop motion is made entirely of Lego bricks.

The video was published a couple of weeks ago on the Be Bop Youtube channel and immediately went viral, reaching every part of the world. At the time of writing, the views have touched almost 3 million but soon there will be many more, we are ready to bet. Because what the camera filmed in stop motion is truly incredible. Such a thing had never been seen before.

The location is a simple kitchen. The cook, of which only his hands – tucked into white plastic gloves – and part of the torso are visible, is in all likelihood Korean, given the writings on the products. He is dedicating himself calmly and with extreme care to the preparation of a pizza . What’s special about this? Well, all the ingredients are made with Lego bricks . The man begins by pouring the flour into a bowl and mixing it with water; then he spreads it out and places it in a pan. Also made of Lego bricks are the tomato sauce, the sausages cut into slices, the onion chopped with diligence, the pepper cut into small pieces, the vegetables, the cheese.

The chef distributes everything on the surface of the pizza, first the sauce and then the rest, and his hands move with dexterity. You are mesmerized, they are just Lego bricks: 3,300 in all , to be exact.more than 3000 bricks are needed to make the pizzaThe time comes to put the creation in the oven, you can even see it sizzle for a few seconds, then it’s ready. Its appearance has changed, the ingredients are now cooked, then melted and finally blended. You seem to smell the perfume. The cook is obviously satisfied with the result. He can’t resist the temptation to try his pizza, he takes the special wheel and cuts a slice. He puts it on a plate, adds some sauce, and takes a nice bite. We’re not sure it’s great, but incredibly it looks great. Try (to build) to believe.

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