The hot autumn of the bars: in Europe the events start again

In Europe, the events dedicated to bars want to restart and this autumn the confirmations are many: from streaming to live all the events.

It will be a hot autumn for the bar world . Despite the difficulties that the sector is experiencing everywhere in the world, the desire to restart is felt in the industry and if the conditions exist,Still many online appointmentssome of the main events in Europe have already been confirmed in recent weeks . On the other hand, it is likely that the World’s 50 Best Bars awards ceremony , scheduled for October in Madrid, will take place in virtual form , as already happened for the Asian edition. An understandable choice given the inability to travel for many bartenders from other continents. Virtual is also Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans , undoubtedly the most important world event for the sector, postponed live to 2021. Live appointment, next year, also for the Imbibe in London .

Europe of bars is betting on live events

For now they are all confirmed on the calendar. In the autumn, the main events related to the world of bars in Europe seem to be taking place. Of course, the modalities will be different , but the live one, excluded for months, returns to appear in the schedules. The Bar Convent in Berlin is scheduled from 12 to 18 October . The main event for the European industry will take place in a partially virtual way, combining live and non-live events. Live instead the London Cocktail Week , in the European capital of good drink, which in October has already announced a month of discounts and offers ” to help the sector to return to what it wasOrganizers said. The Athens Bar Show , announced for 10 and 11 November in the splendid former industrial complex of Technopolis City of Athens, does not give up on the live event . The event turns 10 and is very important for the industry in Southern Europe.

In Italy we depart from Florence

In Italy, looking at the calendar, the first event scheduled is Gin Day in Milan on 13 and 14 September , live at the MegaWatt Court in Milan. But the expectations are all for the Florence Cocktail Week scheduled from 21 to 27 September . “ I thought about it a lot but in the end I decided to move it and confirm it in September. We have to give a positive signal and then many bars, especially from the Tuscan province, were asking me ”, said Paola Mencarelli, creator and organizer of the FCW which in 5 years has become an absolute reference point in the Italian world of bars. Thanks to his intuition from taste hunter, from Florence the event has expanded to map and make people discover talents even in the villages and smaller cities of Tuscany. So much so as to conceive the Tuscany Cocktail Week , this year from 14 to 20 September .

“ In such a difficult year we are registering record numbers of participation . It is the largest edition ever with over 70 bars from the provinces, joined by the 40 Florentines, in short, the numbers are all there, we could not give up but encourage those who, despite the difficulties, go on – adds Paola who specifies – to unlike a fair, ours is a widespread and itinerant event in the participating premises, which are open in compliance with the rules. We will manage the training seminars, as usual, with registration and a limited number, with all the attention to safety. As for our opening and closing events, we are still evaluating but certainly, if the conditions are not there, we will not do them. “.The usual final contest is not foreseen : “ This year we want to give a different message, one of union and not of competition. For this reason, we offer closed bars the possibility of preparing the signature cocktails of the event at other counters. Among others, the Atrium Bar of the Four Seasons Firenze and Il Locale are hosted ”. And the companies? “ Some withdrew, while others believed in it and confirmed the investment. I understand their point of view is a gamble, of course, but only in this way can we start again ”.

The second edition of the Bar Show in Rome

Last year the great success of public and participation: finally the first Italian national bar show was born in the capital . This year, therefore, there was a lot of anticipation for the second edition. The confirmation has arrived: it will be live on 5 and 6 October at the Palazzo dei Congressi of the Eur. ” Ours is an attempt to return to normality, hoping that the conditions are right, we want to give a sign of vitality for a sector so affected ” says Andrea Fofi, one of the founders and organizers of the event. Of course, a fair involves a lot of additional attention. On this he assures us: “We will manage the spaces of the fair with the required spacing and the necessary protections. We are confident that the public of operators and enthusiasts will be there and will be responsible. In fact, we are reviewing the ticketing system to sell tickets online in advance and manage flows in the best possible way. We are also expanding the seminar space, upon registration and with a limited number, and thinking of new arrangements for the outdoor spaces. In the auditorium we will carry out presentations with the required spacing, as is already happening in cinemas, for example, ”he explains.

Compared to the Bar Convent there will be no virtual events. “ From the auditorium we only foresee some streaming links for international guests who will not be able to reach us, ” he adds. Again , companies are the biggest question mark . “ Companies respond well. Of course there is concern but in the face of companies that are taking a step back in investment, other new ones confirm. We inevitably started late compared to last year, but as soon as the big ones confirm, the others will join as well ”concludes Fofi.

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