The home diet during the pandemic: psychological and nutritional implications

The home diet during the pandemic: psychological and nutritional implications

Our eating habits changed dramatically during the pandemic, but we need to take care of our nutrition.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasthe pandemic has often led to food taking on the role of an escape valvesignificantly changed our habits making us rediscover a different dimension of everyday life and forcing us, in a very short time, to readjust our lifestyle , to spend more time at home and to reduce social life. This sudden change can lead to the onset of negative emotions in front of which food takes on the consoling function or an outlet valve . In this sense, we eat to appease an unwanted emotion, to distract from thoughts about job uncertainty or the fear of getting infected, to stop boredom or frustration of having to stay at home, to stifle the sense of loneliness or fill the void of certain days.

You can go so far as to binge, eat and continue to nibble throughout the day automatically and usually it is done with highly appreciated foods, the favorite foods also called comfort food , sweet or salty, and often very fatty, because they induce a certain degree of pleasure when we take them and for a while they make us forget about what is bothering us inside.

Take care of ourselves

Alternatively, however, as a reaction to this pandemic, we can see the positive side of the coin: we have more time to dedicate to ourselves and our health ! We could then use this particular moment to change our eating habits for the better, limiting excesses and incorrect eating habits that can negatively affect health, and to devote ourselves more to physical activity even if done at home .

Tips for healthy eating in a pandemic

Until a few weeks ago, the normal rhythms of life often limited the time needed to take care of our food and that of our loved ones. Now, however, we have the opportunity to:

  • set aside more time for preparing meals
  • devote time to breakfast which is too often skipped or rushed and, if several people live in the house, have it all together to share this important meal of the day
  • increase the consumption of those important foods in our diet that require longer preparation times , such as vegetables and legumes
  • being able to have lunch at home, it is possible to make choices more in line with national and international nutritional recommendations , avoiding eating in a hurry, perhaps a sandwich.
  • dedicate ourselves to experimenting with new recipes , thus exploring new tastes and flavors
  • choose a more varied and complete diet , which includes a great variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, adequate amounts of proteins and essential fatty acids and which provides all the nutrients necessary for good health.

The advice is therefore to use the time available to take care of us and dedicate ourselves to the care of our physical well-being to receive a benefit also on our mental well-being.

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