The guide to Teglie Romane: all the winners in preview

The guide to Teglie Romane: all the winners in preview

Teglie Romane is the first guide dedicated to pizza by the slice in Rome: here are all the prizes awarded and the winners of the capital.

Low and a little crunchy, high and stuffed in the middle (perhaps with mortadella), super soft and with gourmet toppings or even a little dirty , which sometimes fits .pizza by the slice is now recognized as the Capitoline street food par excellenceThe pizza by the slice – which can then be in a pan or on a shovel, or even in one of the modern variants that have already spread over the Capitoline landscape for a while – is a true icon of the Roman gastronomic tradition. Even if its wide diffusion as a category in itself has, after all, recent origins – around the 1950s, when the habit of eating outside the home began to be established – it is recognized by all as the Capitoline street food par excellence. Protagonist of snacks and snacks, it is suitable for any time of day, from breakfast to aperitif but also to dinner.


If many – including Bittersweet , of course – have tried their hand at drawing up a ranking of the best addresses  to enjoy it in Rome , up until now there was no wider and more organic mapping of the Roman offer. Precisely for this reason, the authors of two gastronomic sites – Pizza On The Road and Tavole Romane – particularly attentive on one side to pizza and on the other to the entire gastronomic panorama of the Capital, have decided to join forces to create the first city guide entirely dedicated to pizza by the slice (and similar, as we will see): Teglie Romane .


Downloadable online for free from the website (it is already possible to register by leaving your email address to be notified as soon as available), the digital guide to pizza by the slice in rome is divided into 3 types of placesthe digital guide is an agile compendium of the best of pizza by the slice on the edge of the city, with a couple of particularly deserving episodes just outside. There are 46 addresses mentioned , scattered throughout the Roman neighborhoods and divided into three types of places: the classic pizza by the slice shops, which include both super Spartan places as tradition commands – but always with a qualitative profile of everything. respect – as much as the gourmet addresses that have taken root mainly in the wake of Gabriele Bonci’s success.


To these are also added some variations that revise the shape but not the substance, from Trapizzino to the round pizzas of Trieste Pizza; the ovens, more or less historic, which have a more classic but no less valid offer; and finally those that combine pizza and cuisine , that is to say places closest to the restaurant format – with table service, a good offer of wine or beer and often also a real cuisine menu – but which have a strength.


Mind you, of course this is a rather limited selection – also because an exhaustive mapping of the immense Roman offer is practically impossible to do except with a great deployment of forces, every address present has been tested by the authors of the guidebut subsequent updates and insights are already planned, which will also be announced through the Facebook page of Teglie Romane – but precisely for this satisfaction guarantee: all the addresses have been tried (and often even retried) by the authors, who in the cards in guide briefly tell the story, the appearance and the atmosphere and of course the most interesting proposals from the counter, including any noteworthy fried foods and the unmissable , that is to say the absolutely recommended tasting according to their very personal (but trained) palate.


To sign the preface, a great admirer and connoisseur of the subject as well as one of the major protagonists of Roman catering: the guide will be presented to the public during the city of pizza on 7 April Alessandro Pipero , who with his usual and sagacious humor perfectly draws the traits that make this popular food simply irresistible. Made with the support of some sponsors (Birra Baladin, La Città della Pizza, Molino Vigevano, Moretti Forni, Olio Flaminio, A Tavola con lo Chef,, As it is) and with the media partnership of Agrodolce, Teglie Romane will be presented on 7 April at 3 pm at the City of Pizza . On the occasion, the 18 prizes awarded by the guide will also be awarded, of which most go to celebrate specific types of pizza or toppings – from red to vegetarian, surprisingly but not without reason assigned to Trapizzino who knows how to combine the most authentic sauces of the Roman tradition of the fifth quarter with also very good green proposals – while others intend to enhance aspects that are no less important such as the offer of wine or beer, kindness or the overall environment.

The pan pizza

And we at Agrodolce will reveal to you a preview of the names of the winners for each category , of which not even the interested parties are aware!

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