The food stars of TikTok (also in Italy)

The food stars of TikTok (also in Italy)

TikTok is the social media of the 1920s, especially as regards food: we point out the most interesting profiles to follow, even in Italy.

As with all other social platforms, in times of pandemic those who decided to relaunch themselves as a tiktoker did not do a penny of damage. Indeed – and above all – when he decided to publish videos on food. If it is true, in fact, that anyone with a passion for food can start a new career on TikTok , given its direct line with the public and the freshness of the short videos, it is equally true that, in the last year, food itself has launched here new talents, who have emerged from millions of users and who today have a large group of followers. The Guardian has reported some , that’s who they are. 

  1. @poppycooks. Fired during the first wave of the pandemic, Poppy O’Toole planned to return soon to her job as a junior sous chef at Mayfair’s AllBright club. The weather, however, was not good and, in the meantime, she started uploading the recipes she was preparing for herself on TikTok. On April 1, 2020 upload the first video of the @poppycooks profile. And, a year later, he has 1.5 million followers on the app, he has a manager, he has a book deal with Bloomsbury. ” I always wanted to do this social media thing – he explained – but I never had time, because I worked 70 hours a week “.
  2. @imtabithabrown. American vegan actress and chef Tabitha Bonita Brown is another hugely popular profile on the platform. In 2017, short of cash, she first became an Uber driver and part-time actress. Then, with a first video review of a vegan sandwich that went viral, she launched herself into the world of social media. In 2020 he opened his TikTok channel, where he now has 4.7 million followers. Here, in addition to veg recipes, he also posts humorous content and motivational advice. HuffPost described her as the American mom and her videos are often considered “ comforting and calming “.
  3. starbucksrecipeswithm . 2.1 million followers on Tiktok, as a former student of Wayzata High School Maya Smith worked at Starbucks and made herself famous by sharing the recipes for the famous drinks of the American chain. His video for Skittles Frappuccinos has nearly 6 million likes.
  4. @itsqcp . A highly skilled content creator with over 7 million followers, his performances on TikTok are based on pasta. Gianluca Conte is from Charlotte, North Carolina, but his father is from Naples and has posted a series of videos on the platform entitled “The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show”.

The profiles to follow in Italy

Among the established chefs the most active are certainly Bruno Barbieri, Alessandro Borghese, Damiano Carrara, Isabella Potì (but also Iginio Massari).

  1. Among the emerging ones, a name that stands out is that of Rafael Nistor . 21 years old, of Romanian origin, she boasts over 6 million followers thanks to hypnotics and asmr short videos in which she prepares recipes in the house she shares with her family.
  2. Andriana Kulchytska, @adrianathrr on Tik Tok, also won over audiences with her recipes full of mistakes, wrong terms, hilarious and not always perfect results. 23 years old, born in Ukraine, she traveled all over Europe before settling in Italy and in the period of the lockdown she started posting on her profile, which literally exploded.
  3. Then there is Nicola Jiang @nicolajiang , a Chinese born in Italy who brings his followers to discover China, also through the many dishes of the culinary tradition and beyond, telling them in a spontaneous and light way.
  4. Diletta Secco, on the other hand, on the @dilettasecco profile where she has 948 thousand followers is the voice of the Tuscan recipes on Tik Tok. It started publishing in February last year, with a first pistachio cream recipe. Finished in the “for you” category, she was overwhelmed with requests for complete preparation and from there she started editing videos for work.
  5. Finally, another budding creator is @cookergirl , aka Aurora Cavallo, 18 from Cuneo, who has 400,000 followers. She started cooking when she was only 14, inspired by her grandmothers, and today in her video-recipes she not only prepares, but also tells the story of her dishes.

Three rules of a good food tiktoker

How does he break through on TikTok when talking about food? The first rule is to create or get on board a viral food trend . Then, those 60 seconds of video have to be accurate, captivating , with different angles, carefree at the right point. The very light weight is the fundamental key, along with a required speed. 

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