The FIVI app is coming: finding Independent Winegrowers has never been easier

The FIVI app is coming: finding Independent Winegrowers has never been easier

The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers has launched its App to stay in touch with its producers and buy from home.

To live well and for a long time, you need to start preparing yourself from an early age, sleeping well and adopting a virtuous lifestyle, eating good things and above all drinking excellent wines , perhaps drinking FIVI .

What is FIVI

The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers (FIVI) ​​is an association founded in 2008 with the aim of representing the figure of the winemaker before the institutions, promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines . By statute, only producers who meet certain specific criteria can join the FIVI: “ The FIVI winemaker cultivates his vines, bottles his own wine, personally taking care of his own product. He sells all or part of his harvest in bottles, under his responsibility, with his name and his label “ . Currently there are about 1300 associated producers , from all Italian regions, for a total of about 13,000 hectares of vineyards, for an average of about 10 hectares of vineyards per farm.

Wine market of FIVI winemakers

Unfortunately this year due to Covid, the long-awaited annual appointment in Piacenza, with the Wine Market of Vignaioli Fivi , has been skipped, postponing everything to November 2021. But the Vignaioli, in the meantime, have not been with their hands in hand and made sure to reach wine lovers in other ways. As? Simply with an App . ” Out of 1300 FIVI members, almost 800 have joined the initiative, providing information and data to insert their cellars in the App – explains Rita Babini, FIVI councilor – A collective effort aimed at offering greater opportunities for contact with enthusiasts and supporters, after the postponement of the appointment at the end of November . “

How the FIVI App works

Updates on the FIVI world, geolocation of wineries and useful information on events and fairs : this is the new way to stay in direct contact with the winemakers thanks to the new application, suitable for both Android and Apple phones. The App is available in both Italian and English and can be obtained through a free download in the stores of your operating system.

The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers is the first of the winemakers’ associations in Europe to use this communication and sharing tool. The app opens a direct channel on the FIVI world , giving the possibility to easily access the site and stay updated on the association’s news. The application also facilitates the meeting on the territory with the winemakers: it is possible to search for members , by alphabetical order, by region or keyword, to geolocate the FIVI wineries present throughout Italy, to start the navigator to reach them and to get in touch. to organize visits and tastings .

The FIVI app is a tool to strengthen the network of winemakers, encourage encounters in the area and increasingly support wine tourism . Among the functions of the application are the localization of the wineries closest to your position and the selection of a list of your favorite ones. It is also possible to easily get in touch with the winemakers and buy their wines through the quick keys. In the Events section on will also be added to the program of the fairs with the participation of the Federation with their questions about stands and exhibitors. Furthermore, in the photographic campaign curated by Mauro Fermariello, the partners are keen to specify many things, such as ” we are Fivi because we grow together”  and “Big shoes, FIVI brain “ .

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