The first Linguistic Artistic and Enogastronomic Lyceum was born in Turin

The first Linguistic Artistic and Enogastronomic Lyceum was born in Turin

by Daniela Traverso 

The first gastronomic high school was born in Turin, supported by the Slow Food Foundation to train children with an interdisciplinary program.

The Slow Food association has always been involved in the territories with gastronomic and taste education projects , which have the ultimate aim of providing fundamental tools for orienting oneself in the world.Slow Food is present in schools of all levelsof food, agriculture and livestock with greater awareness and ever greater respect for ecosystems and biodiversity , heavily undermined by our production systems. The first example of the association’s commitment in the strictly scholastic field is the large and ambitious project of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, founded in 2004. But Slow Food did not stop at that project and in recent years it has been present in schools of all types and levels with various educational projects.

The latest, and decidedly innovative, example of this concrete commitment is the launch, in collaborationA new course of study that combines English, art, science and foodwith Torino Musei and the Mother Mazzarello Liceo paritario in Turin , starting next year (2021-22) of a new course of study: the Liceo Linguistico Artistico e Enogastronomico , a new avant-garde course, focused on the English language , increasingly fundamental for understanding at a global level, artistic studies and insights into science , with specific focus on the importance of biodiversity and environmental sustainability . This new course of study will last 5 years and, alongside the traditional teaching of the various subjects, will be accompanied by experiences in the field , thanks to the professional teaching support of the Torino Musei Foundation., Slow Food, Terra Madre and the University of Pollenzo who will guide students to discover the world of art and food and wine.

To achieve the result of combining passion and profession in the best possible way, the promoters of this project wanted to redesign the structure of the more traditional Liceo Linguistico , with the enhancement of particularities and targeted experiences capable of exploiting in the best way the international dimension that characterizes this course of studies, which will focus on specific topics, such as the protection and restoration of the artistic heritage, the care of permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and educational activities and the management of a cultural institution , but also history and culture of food , with a focus on Turin and Piedmont, sensory education , the combination of food and health, the protection of biodiversity and the enhancement of quality products.

The new courses will be dedicated to around 50 hours per year and will take place both in the classroom, led by the identified expertsClassroom and field activities are plannedfrom the Turin Museums and Slow Food Foundation, both in the exhibition halls of the museums (GAM – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palazzo Madama – Civic Museum of Ancient Art and MAO Museum of Oriental Art), there will be no lack of experiences in some production realities of the Slow Food network. Many lessons will be held directly in English , as already mentioned, which is essential for dealing with the different and increasingly new international contexts. The project is really interesting and it is hoped, perhaps for a not too distant future, that it may arrive outside Turin and Piedmont and also reach the Public School, there would be a great need for it.

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