The first beer made with… air is born in Italy

The first beer made with… air is born in Italy

In Italy, in Gualdo Tadino to be precise, the first beer made with air is born: it is called Sans Papiers and is produced by the Flea brewery.

The first beer made with air comes from the green heart of Italy. Sans Papiers , this is the name of the blonde, is made in Umbria. It is produced by the Flea brewery in Gualdo Tadino and is green from all points of view.a beer produced by extracting the humidity directly present in the airIt is a machine, patented by the startup Veragon of Perugia, which purifies and mineralizes the air, transforming it into water. The special air conditioner is powered by a photovoltaic system. About 1000 liters of drinking water produced per day. The eco-friendly system is also successfully used in some villages in Africa and Asia and on oil platforms. “ The main ingredient in any beer is water. And so, at a time when the availability of drinking water is becoming an increasingly important problem globally, we decided to develop a machine capable of extracting water directly from the humidity present in the air “says the entrepreneur. Alessio Lucattelli. The malt and wheat used for production come from zero-kilometer crops. The processing methods are artisanal. So Sans Papier is truly a green beer .


Lucattelli, together with his sister Martina, has always had a passion for sustainability: the two are owners of a chain of eco-friendly restaurants called Gesto with places in Milan, Perugia and Florence. In collaboration with the administrator of the Flea brewery Matteo Minelli, the Sans Papiers beer was presented right in the restaurant in Milan which is located on the Navigli (Ripa di Porta Ticinese).


Sans Papiers is an unfiltered and unpasteurized light beer, top fermented and refermented in the bottle . It has a low alcohol content (Alc. 4.8% Vol.) And is characterized by hints of citrus.a versatile blonde, easy to combine with any foodA versatile blonde and therefore easy to match on the table. On the bottles the label stands out with an elegant balloon with golden lines, the slogan for the product launch reads: “ From today the air has a taste ”. Sans Papiers, as Minelli points out, offers the consumer ” a completely eco-sustainable product of excellence to escape certain standardized consumption models of contemporary society“. The Umbrian brewery thus makes the most of the opportunities that the market offers and expects to achieve important results already in the next two years. The producer, after Gesto’s restaurants, hopes to soon find other spaces in the catering sector and, if the novelty is successfully received, it will also aim for large-scale distribution within a few months. At the moment Sans Papiers can be purchased online in 50 cl barrels and bottles.

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